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45% of Kenyans unwilling to take virus test fear procedure
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Forty five per cent of Kenyans who are not willing to take the coronavirus test say they fear the test procedure, a report has revealed.

The poll on Covid-19 fears and stigma released on Sunday by Tifa also suggests that 15 per cent seek to circumvent social stigma if found positive while 11 per cent fear forceful quarantine.

At least four per cent fear medical costs associated with treatment.

However, the report revealed that this is only 10 per cent of Kenyans as majority are willing to get tested.

The objective of the survey was to measure the level of awareness of the disease among residents of selected low income areas in Nairobi, and their level of concern with it.

Round One of the survey was conducted at the end of April and captured the experiences, views and expectations of 356 respondents resident in Nairobi’s main low income areas.

According to the report, nearly all respondents said they would agree to have a free test for the Covid-19 virus, with no contrasts in terms of gender or age.

Many of those who have taken the test described it as uncomfortable, and the worst part being the anxiety of waiting for the result.

In Kenya, the Ministry of Health has approved use of nasopharyngeal swabs to collect samples. Many people fear the pain and discomfort of the process as depicted in the media.

The swab is inserted into the nose and then to the nasopharynx where the sample is collected.

Usually, one experiences a sharp pain which is followed by a sudden urge to sneeze. These is done in seconds and before you know it its done.

The oropharyngeal swab is more comfortable since the throat is less sensitive compared to the nose.

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe has urged Kenyans to volunteer for testing as its the only way to fully know ones status.

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