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50-Year-Old Esther Musila Speaks on Her Relationship with Kenyan Gospel Singer Guardian Angel, 24
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Esther Musila, the 50-year-old woman dating gospel singer Guardian Angel has spoken about her relationship with the 24-year-old.

Guardian, whose real name Audiphaxad Peter Omwaka, caused a stir online last week after he publicly announced he was in a relationship with Esther, a mother of three.

Speaking on Kiss FM presenter Jalango’s YouTube show, Esther said she is happy in her current relationship despite the huge age gap between them.

“I had restrained myself from ever having an interview but I think it good for me to also fight for myself because some people judging me or talking about me… And I want to put this straight, I am 50-year-old I have been through life and I know what I want with the reminder of my life that God has given me,” Esther said.

“I remember when this year started I said to myself I have been through life 50 is a big year but I purposed and said this is going to be my year, I would do what Esther wants and I will make Esther happy, my kids are grown, the last born is 22 years, they are running their lives, but am still their mother but as Esther, I have my life which I want to live. So I am living my life, my rules, I am happy,” she added.

She divulged that she met Guardian through Classic FM presenter Maina Kageni after she heard one of his songs playing on the radio station.

“I love singing, so one day am driving to work and I hear this song Miana plays and I Dmed him asking what song is that and who sang it and he said Rada by Guardian Angel, I got to my office and went to Google and searched Guardian Angel and I was like I have never heard of this guy.”

She went on: “I play that song the whole day and by the time I was going home I knew all the words to that song. That same week I said to Maina can I meet Guardian Angel that song has touched and spoken to me as a person that your radar needs to change,” she said.

On his part, Guardian dismissed claims that he was dating Esther for her money, noting that his love for her is genuine.

“I have never been happy in my life like I am today, genuinely happy. You cannot trade money to happiness and cannot go and throw myself in a ditch because there is money in that Ditch,” said Guardian.

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