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80 quarantined in Bomet after relative contracts Covid-19
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At least 80 family members have been quarantined in Bomet County after one of their close relatives tested positive for Covid-19 in Konoin Constituency.

The 80 have been placed in self-quarantine by the public health department.

The patient is a driver at a local tea factory.

"The man tested positive on Wednesday night and was taken into isolation at Central Hospital owned by Unilever Tea Company in the neighbouring Kericho County," said Dr Joseph Sitonik, the Bomet County Medical Services executive.

"A total of 80 members of his extended family have been traced and asked to go into self-quarantine with close monitoring by administrators and public health officers," Dr Sitonik said.


Dr Shadrack Mutai, the Kericho County executive in charge of Medical Services and Public Health said even though the case was from Bomet, measures have been put in place to curb further spread of the coronavirus in the area.

"We are working closely with Unilever to ensure the spread of Covid-19 is contained as the company’s tea estates are spread across Bomet and Kericho counties," said Dr Mutai.

Kericho Governor Paul Chepkwony said the county has 2,000 isolation beds with some having been set aside by multinational tea companies James Finlays and Unilever which operate in the region.


"Unilever Tea Company has set aside 35 beds while James Finlays has 25 beds for quarantine cases while the county has [provided] the rest in Sigowet, Londiani and Kapkatet sub-county hospitals with Kericho County Referral Hospital being used for isolation cases," said Prof Chepkwony.

"We are equipping Ainamoi Sub-County Hospital, Kericho County Referral Hospital with quarantine and isolation beds besides buying medical equipment for use in the event of a spike in number of Covid-19 cases," said Dr Mutai

"We are remodelling already existing health facilities to make them safe for quarantine and isolation and putting in place additional beds as it would take a longer period to start construction from the scratch in the face of the coronavirus outbreak," Dr Mutai said.

» Hunter Xp   2020-07-09 23:21:39

Ni kubaya eeh?

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