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Attempted Bribe? CJ Maraga Rejects Senator Malala’s Goats Gift
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Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala was on Friday among leaders who attended the opening of a modern complex at the Kakamega Law Courts, officiated by Chief Justice David Maraga.

When the Senator was given an opportunity to address the gathering, he outlined that he had two main speaking points.

The first was a request to CJ Maraga and his team to expedite land disputes brought to their docket which have been delayed by poor collaboration between the courts and the Registrar of Lands.

The Chief Justice immediately responded to the Senator’s request advising the aggrieved parties to seek mediation instead of going through the court process.

“I always advise those involved in succession disputes to go the mediation route which would be much faster. This is because there are only two things that need to be considered in a succession dispute, who has survived the deceased and the properties that were left behind,” CJ Maraga advised.

The senator’s second agenda had been to gift CJ Maraga with three goats. He explained that they were a symbol of the three arms of government which should work in harmony.

CJ Maraga, however, rejected the gift citing the judges’ code of ethics.

He explained that judges are prohibited from receiving gifts whose value exceeds Sh20,000 adding that it would be awkward because Senator Malala has an active matter before the courts.

“This donation puts me in a bad situation. First, if I’m not wrong, the Senator has a case in one of the courts. These three goats would cost over Sh20,000, and I cannot accept the animals,” CJ Maraga stated.

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