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Atwoli to DP William Ruto: Hustler Means a Fraudster, a Male Prostitute
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Central Organization of Trade Unions (COTU) secretary-general Francis Atwoli has taken a jab at Deputy President William Ruto over the hustler tag.

Atwoli said a hustler is a person who obtains money through fraud or a male prostitute.

“The brief meaning of hustler is this, a person who implies fraudulent or unscrupulous methods to obtain money. He is a swindler and informal. If you go further utapata a hustler is a male prostitute,” Atwoli said while addressing reporters on Thursday.

Atwoli further questioned how DP Ruto labels himself as a ‘hustler’ yet he is a billionaire who owns helicopters, a mansion, and several parcels of lands across the country.

“The person telling you about being a hustler owns five choppers, a mansion and owns every empty space in the republic of Kenya,” Atwoli added.

Last week, Atwoli also described hustlers as thieves, adding that nobody would like to be called so.

“To me hustlers are thieves. And nobody would like to be called a hustler. If my boy or my son came to my house and told me he is a hustler I will chase him away from my family,” he noted.


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