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Boy, 8, falls to death from balcony in Nairobi
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A family in Nairobi’s Luckysummer Estate is mourning after their eight-year-old boy fell from the third floor of their residence and died.

Master Andy Rawlins Waudo was playing on the balcony of their house when he fell down injuring himself. The incident happened on Saturday evening.

Police said he was rushed to Kemrif Hospital within Luckysummer Estate where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The body was moved to Kenyatta University Hospital Mortuary awaiting post mortem.

Police visited the scene after the incident as part of the probe. They declared it an accident but added an inquest had been opened to make a conclusion on the same.

Such incidents are likely to happen given children’s stay at home over Covid-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, a 23-year-old man was buried alive when a wall that he and his friends were constructing collapsed in Kwangware area, Nairobi.

Police said Charles Msiza was among five workers at the site working on a perimeter wall of a private school when the incident happened on Saturday afternoon. Another worker was injured in the incident and was rushed to hospital with multiple injuries.

Nairobi police boss Philip Ndolo said they had launched investigations into the incident with an aim of taking action for omission or commission.

“We will talk to all concerned parties and know the way forward. Experts from police and National Construction Authority are handling it,” he said.

The body was moved to the mortuary.

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