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Canada-Based Kenyan Footballer Victor Wanyama to Sue Socialite Shakilla
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Celebrated Canada-based Kenyan football star Victor Wanyama is set to sue socialite Shakilla for claiming that she had sexual relations with him.

Shakilla made the allegations via a video that was first published by blogger Arthur Mandela, alias Xtian Dela, on his Instagram page.

But in a statement posted on his Twitter account on Tuesday, Wanyama dismissed the video as salacious, adding that it is meant to taint his good image and reputation. He further termed the racy claims as a figment of Shakilla’s own imagination and a total fabrication.

Wanyama, 29, also hit out at Dela for publishing the disparaging video based on what he termed as “accusatory statements.”

“I have worked long and hard to build my character and standing in society. Such malicious, scandalizing and false assertions about my name and character are unacceptable to me, my family, and institutions who have placed great trust in me.”

“I’m prepared to go to great lengths to protect my good name and character, consequently and with the blessing of my management team, I have instructed my legal team to pursue all legal remedies available to me and to which I have the unreserved right to seek,” Wanyama stated.

Besides Wanyama, Shakilla claimed that she has slept with more than 15 Kenyan celebrities including singers Khalighraph Jones, Willy Paul, and Otile Brown.




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