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Clergymen Defend DP William Ruto’s Church Donations, Say the Money is Sanctified
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A section of clergymen from the North Rift region has jumped to the defense of Deputy President William Ruto over his cash donations to churches.

Led by Bishop Simon Kemei, the men of the cloth said DP Ruto should ignore critics and continue supporting churches, adding that the money is sanctified once it is given to the church.

“As clergy, we are very happy with what the DP is doing for churches because we believe he has been touched by the hand of God to see the need of the church and use the resources available to him so he can intervene and help,” Kemei said.

The bishops further appealed to DP Ruto to support more churches from North Rift—his political backyard.

“If the DP will come to my church, I will be very happy and receive him wholeheartedly. As a leader of the congregation, I know we do not have musical instruments, we don’t have seats and we have many other needs that we know the DP can aid us in filling,” Kemei added.

His sentiments were echoed by bishop John Korir and Pastor Joseph Too, who rebuked those judging Ruto for donating to needy people.

Earlier this year, Ruto told off a section of ODM leaders who planned to enact a law to abolish church donations, saying they will face God’s wrath.

“They want to stop God’s word. You will face God’s wrath and you will suffer in this world. You are going to legislate on how to sabotage the word of God and the spread of the good news of Jesus Christ? Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I have given you the news early. Take care! There are many bills that we want you to pass in Parliament instead of derailing God’s word," said Ruto.

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