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Controversial Tycoon Mzee Jackson Kibor Reconciles with Wives, Ready to Share Sh6 Billion Estate
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Controversial Eldoret tycoon Jackson Kibor says he has finally reconciled with his wives and children.

Kibor who has grabbed media headlines in the past few years over court battles with his wives and sons said he is ready to distribute his Sh6 billion estate among them.

The 86-year-old former politician has 26 children, including 16 sons with his four wives, one of whom has died and divorced two.

The court allowed him to part ways with Naomi Jeptoo and Josphine Jepkoech in 2017 and 2018 respectively for deserting their matrimonial home and mistreating him.

In a recent interview with The Star, Kibor said his past was horrible but he does not regret since it made him who he is today.

“My background was horrible but that is in the past and I have no regrets because that life made me who I am today,” Kibor said.

Having seen it all in life, the large-scale farmer said he is ready to die peacefully and asked his family to remain patient as he decides how to distribute his wealth.

“I will only give them wealth as I wish,” he said, adding that he is still healthy due to regular exercises and revealed he takes a bottle of beer weekly.

In May this year, Kibor won a court battle for a 2,000-acre piece of land against his six sons. Justice Antony Ombwayo ruled that Kibor was the rightful owner of the land located in Soy Constituency and ordered the sons to vacate within 150 days.

The court established the six sons illegally subdivided and processed title deeds to the parcel before selling it to third parties.

The court further allowed Kibor to subject the six sons to a DNA test before sharing the land to them. He maintained that he never married their mother and doubts whether they are his biological sons.

“Hawa watoto yangu ni wakora…wakora kwa sababu waliuza nyumba yangu Karen, Nairobi, na wakauza ingine Nyali, Mombasa,” said Kibor after winning the case.




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