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DP guards given show-cause letters over Sudi arrest saga
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Three police guards attached to Deputy President William Ruto were Friday given show-cause letters on their role in the escape of Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi from his house when police raided his home to arrest him.

The officers – a chief inspector and two constables – are attached to the elite Presidential Escort Unit that guards the president, his deputy and their families.

They were summoned to police headquarters where they faced a panel of their colleagues for grilling and later given a day to respond to the accusations. They gave their response before they were given the show-cause letters.

And there are signs they may be transferred from the DP’s pool and sent to other places. Officials aware of the developments said the panel was not pleased with the officers’ response and would likely recommend they be moved.

“They may be moved anytime. If they are not punished by being taken to court, they will be moved,” said an insider aware of the developments.

The officers were asked to explain why and how they were in Sudi’s compound on September 11 when a team of officers arrived there to arrest him.

Preliminary reports indicate that the officers had escorted the DP to his residence, where they handed him over to the GSU officers guarding his Sugoi residence.

They then left to join Sudi at his house kilometres away. It was as they were inside the compound that police arrived.

The presidential escort officers did not declare who they were in time. This was even after shots were fired at the entrance of the compound as the team forced their way in. The Kapseret MP was being sought over alleged hate speech.

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