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DP Ruto Allegedly Denied Access to Gov’t Aircraft, Mombasa Residence.
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Deputy President William Ruto has resorted to making private travel arrangements after he was allegedly denied access to government aircraft.

On August 28th, DP Ruto is said to have flown to Mombasa aboard a commercial Kenya Airways (KQ) flight and spent the night at a private hotel.

This was unlike in the past when Ruto traveled around the country in a military plane and would have spent the night at his Mombasa official residence.

Soy MP Caleb Kositany, who doubles up as Jubilee deputy secretary-general Caleb Kositany, told Sunday Nation that Ruto decided to make private travel plans over frequent frustrations by the government.

“They have shown him that he is unwanted and he has decided to engage wananchi from his pocket if need be. He was not born to wealth or state largesse and therefore financing his travels is not a big deal. He will walk to meet the people if need be,” Kositany said.

Ruto’s spokesperson Emmanuel Talam said the Deputy President chose not to air his frustrations but he is still committed to helping President Kenyatta build his legacy.

“He is not the complaining type. He wants the president to build his legacy and is committed to helping him achieve that,” Talam said.

Ruto was allegedly locked out of his official residence in Mombasa earlier this year, forcing him to spend the night at English Point Marina.

Reports claimed that workers at the property received instructions to remove DP Ruto’s personal effects from the house.

“His clothes and other belongings had already been put in various rooms. It is essentially a home, and therefore his personal effects were in place that morning,” a source told a local daily.

“Around 4 pm, a call came from a senior government official to government employees there that all DP’s personal effects should be removed. It was a shocker.”

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