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Drama as Rachel Shebesh Leaves Meeting in Hurry After Clashing with MP over Deputy President Ruto
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Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) in the Ministry of Public Service, Youth and Gender Rachel Shebesh was on Wednesday forced to cut short her tour to Kericho following a disagreement with the county’s Woman Representative Florence Bore.

Shebesh was scheduled to issue cheques to youth and women groups in six sub counties in Kericho but this did not happen as she clashed with Bore over political differences with the meeting turning chaotic.

The spat between the two was triggered by Shebesh’s speech where she asked Deputy President William and his allies to respect President Kenyatta.

With things threatening to turn ugly, Shebesh was quickly whisked away from the meeting by her security team and was driven off.

Addressing a different meeting, Bore said she could not allow Shebesh to attack DP Ruto and that is why she had to leave.

“2022 it’s the people who will decide and it is the reason that Rachel and I clashed.” Bore said.

“I thought she was coming to help me with development matters but she had other ideas. She asked me if I was part of the system which is against William Ruto’s 2022 presidential ambitions but I told her ground is Ruto. The system I am in is with the people who will decide the fate of our Deputy President”

Shebesh, who in her speech condemned DP Ruto allies for insulting President Uhuru, is said to have traveled back to Nairobi after the incident.

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