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Family Curses; Fact Or Fiction?
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Some time back, a friend of mine was at loggerheads with his folks due to a choice he had made. This involved a girl he had proposed to and the parents did not find her worthy of having their son.
This whole issue brought about the parents having their stand whereby they told their son that if he proceeded to marry the girl, he would not have their blessings and that his family would be cursed.
He later on went ahead and married the chic in a private function recently, beating the parents threat.
My question is, we being in the year 2009, is it really valid for us to still believe in family curses? We have already left the traditional african culture and have embraced Christianity and Islam, so should we really be scared when an elder member of the family unleashes cruel future aspects for us?
Are curses real and do they really affect the cursed?

›› Juguma Diani  27-Jul-2009, 
In the year 2009 KP iyo ni porojo. It depends on whether u still believe in that crap.

›› kim007
  27-Jul-2009, reply_152253
Just like u be told it is 2009 ……soma Memo and check calender
Are blacks still considered inferior, are women up to pur with men, Are certain tribal afiliations better than others … ….. n all that BS is a thing of the past …. Unless u still dwelling on the past

Dont be askin’ such immarture and half arzed BS.

›› Juguma Diani
  27-Jul-2009, reply_152257
Just like the crazy horoscopes. I personally dont even bother knowing what they say about my day. Thats crap.

›› kim007
  27-Jul-2009, reply_152267
Horoscope is for Sissys

›› kelis
  27-Jul-2009, reply_152278
@ KP I dont believe in curses but its always gud to have ur parents blessings

›› nyengese
  27-Jul-2009, reply_152304
@KP…they are very real, and their effect can be felt in society!!

›› the kiuk protagonist
  27-Jul-2009, reply_152452
How can they be real? Are there real stories out there?

›› nyengese
  27-Jul-2009, reply_152469
I remember one story which happened back home.
Some dude who had grown up @ ocha went to Nai and made it big, and married and got kids.Unfortunately, after making it big, he conveniently decided to forget about his mum.His mum kept on send messages to the effect that she wanted to hold the product of her milk, i.e the grandchildren.One day, the son went and bought a whole crate of milk and in the accompaniment of the wife and children went to the mothers place.Hne was the only one who alighted from the the care and gave the milk to someone else to take to the mother if all what she was complaining about was her milk.when the mother heard this she cried and spat on the ground.The entire family never made it back to Nairobi!!.They had an accident and only the man and his wife died.The kids were raised by their grandmother, i.e, the dudes mum!!

›› the kiuk protagonist
  27-Jul-2009, reply_152476
Nyengese u cant scare me, is that story true?


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