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Famous Instagramer Shakilla publicly apologizes for defaming Khaligraph’s name
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Popular Instagram personality known to many as Shakilla has had to apologize publicly after defaming rapper Khaligraph’s name on Xtian Dela’s Ig live platform.

The 19-year-old posted the apology on her Instagram account after Khaligraph Jones gave her a two-hour ultimatum to clear his name.

The ‘tuma kitu’ hitmaker reached out to Shakilla once her live videos of her exposing a list of celebrities who she has slept with went viral.

Through an Instagram message which was leaked by Shakilla herself, Khaligraph demanded an apology from Shakilla, making it clear that he has never met the Instagramer, neither does he know her.

“I have given you two hours to retract your statement and apologize because I have never met you, and I don’t even know who you are.” wrote Khaligraph.

Shakilla defended herself, saying that she was under the influence of alcohol when she made the accusations.

She added that she was only using Khaligraph’s name to get attention as he is one of the country’s most famous rappers.

However, she made it clear that she had indeed slept with all the other celebrities she mentioned who included; Victor Wanyama, Otille Brown, Brown Mauzo, Willy Paul, among many others.

“I’m being forced to do this public apology cause I damaged Khaligraph Jones public image by whatever that I said yesterday due to influence of alcohol and reverse psychology, ‘kabla ujulikane lazima utaje OG ndio mbogi yako ikudiscover’. Papa Jones I’m sorry. The rest mentioned were true and any claims raised will not be taken and dealt with personally. ” wrote Shakilla.



Despite living a wild life which she never shys away from documenting on social media, Shakilla has shocked many by revealing that she is only 19 years of age.

What was even crazier was the rates Shakilla charges to spend time with men.

According to her, you have to part with around 200-250k just for a single sleepover.


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