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Femiplan Male Contraceptives
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Femiplan male condoms
Men leave family planning issues to their women ..how many married men would use the above method or if their was a male pill in the market would you use it and the ladies whats your take on this?


›› Debie  23-Jun-2009
Kelis Kelis dont make me laugh if you are married I know even when he is sick you have to remind him to take medication so their is no way I am going to trust him on that important issue unless everyday I make sure before he sleeps he has taken the pill

›› falafulani
  23-Jun-2009, reply_143352
Its the womans responsibility to add on those extra pounds as a side effect….i need my 6-pack for my mpango wa kando

›› kelis
  23-Jun-2009, reply_143353
@ Debie am looking @ a scenario where al the methods are having major side effects

›› lovemat
  23-Jun-2009, reply_143356
@kelis…am lost.

›› kelis
  23-Jun-2009, reply_143357
@ Fala thn u are still the one who ll start complaining that ur mama is nolonger the shapely woman u married

›› lovemat
  23-Jun-2009, reply_143358
@kelis…what are femiplan male condoms?…are they the kawa male condoms?

›› lovemat
  23-Jun-2009, reply_143360
@fala…ati what?….you talk like you were a test tube baby!

›› kelis
  23-Jun-2009, reply_143361
@ Lovemat this adverts abt the femiplan male condoms jst got me thinking hw many married men wld actually use them with their wives…@ 1st thot that it was a pill for dudes

›› falafulani
  23-Jun-2009, reply_143362
@Kellis, you see once married..a womans role immediatley changes from a trophy to a procreation machine so she does not need the shape for procreation infact, the heavier the hips the easier the child birth

›› lovemat
  23-Jun-2009, reply_143363
Kelis….probably in the western world…..or our few exposed men. Otherwise I doubt if the typical African man would…anyway, wacha waseme wenyewe.

›› kelis
  23-Jun-2009, reply_143364
@ Fala am really disappointed in you ..ati a procreation machine kwani u r literally filling the earth

›› lovemat
  23-Jun-2009, reply_143365
@fala…you primitive sapiens, you soo annoying. you`re the kind that I`d baptise with a whole bottle of absolute!…shindwe kabisa!!

›› falafulani
  23-Jun-2009, reply_143367
@Kellis/Lovematt, and thats whats wrong with our african women of today.y’all want to be so westernised that u forget the core values of being a woman wchich is to cook, clean, wash, till the shamba, graze the animals, milk the cows and at the end of the day i will still be able to come from my muratina drinking spree, find a very appetising meal for wich i shall partake and then we take it to the bedroom for a whole night of busting nuts….

›› Debie
  23-Jun-2009, reply_143368
@ Lovemat he he
@ Fala I pity the women you date …for once and only once am lost for words

›› kelis
  23-Jun-2009, reply_143369
@ Lovemat lolest @ Fala grrrrrrrrr kwani we r going bak to the stone age

›› Thugnificent
  23-Jun-2009, reply_143370
Ati femiplan male condom!! BULLSHIT…………… Mambo ya kupanga uzazi tuachie wanawake tafadhali!!

›› Debie
  23-Jun-2009, reply_143373
@ Thug pia wewe

›› falafulani
  23-Jun-2009, reply_143376
@Lovematt, u need to make up ur mind.Leo u call me deep, kesho an intellect, sijui genius alafu today primitive?
@Kellis, not stone age but we need to go back to the core of the african family
@Debie, All im saying is when all is said and done, its the womans responsibility to make sure she does not get pregnant i mean, u knw wen u r fertile-we dont.You know ur safe days-we dont, u know wen to spread your legz or not-we want you t spread them for us 24/7

›› guru
  23-Jun-2009, reply_143378
I think we should leave the family planning methods to women. I concur with @debie, with out men being sooo forgetful it would be disastrous with many unwanted pregnancies. I cant imagine reminding him every night to wear a condom..

›› kelis
  23-Jun-2009, reply_143380
@ Thug ..no comment
@ Fala in short we stop working we go bak to the farms like our grannies we give birth walk bare foot is go to the aberdares to fetch firewood this the picture you are trying to portray

›› lovemat
  23-Jun-2009, reply_143382
Fala…..how many seasons are there in your world?

›› Debie
  23-Jun-2009, reply_143384

›› Debie
  23-Jun-2009, reply_143387
@ Kelis and you keep telling me I am special think again

›› the kiuk protagonist
  23-Jun-2009, reply_143393
How do they work?

›› kingangi
  23-Jun-2009, reply_143398
why not go for a vasectomy?its better than pills.

›› Debie
  23-Jun-2009, reply_143401
@ The protagoni r u asking abt the pill or..
@ Kingangi how could you keep me waiting

›› kelis
  23-Jun-2009, reply_143404
@ Kingangi so u wld go for a vasectomy
@ The kikuyu ….I dont think we have the male pills in the market …jst asking if their were any wld you use them

›› japs
  23-Jun-2009, reply_143419

coitus interaptus works well

›› xabi
  23-Jun-2009, reply_143423
Men do this by the way, i had a vasectomy and still applies the withdrawal method…

›› japs
  23-Jun-2009, reply_143435

withdrawal method for what and the seeds are not viable

›› waja
  23-Jun-2009, reply_143469
i wud go 4 a vasectomy,discourages the lady kutafuta mpango wa kando coz akileta kitu ata have kuexplain!gud 4 me too coz i wont mind jazaing the side dishes na mainheritance cases zinifuate!

›› bikita
  23-Jun-2009, reply_143473
Sasa @Kelis,i have never seen that femiplan thing btw how does it work?@japs FYI coitus interruptus is the same as withdrawal method.

›› japs
  23-Jun-2009, reply_143480
@bikita i know

›› kelis
  23-Jun-2009, reply_143485
@ Bikita its just a condom I guess

›› kelis
  23-Jun-2009, reply_143487
@ Waja he he nice thinking thou

›› bikita
  23-Jun-2009, reply_143490
@japs pole,my bad,hadnt read the context of ua thread.

›› bikita
  23-Jun-2009, reply_143509
@Kelis,i dont thnk its the same cd,coz the advert looks like its for smthg new.but generally,i dont thnk pills wud work for men.

›› kelis
  23-Jun-2009, reply_143512
@ Bikita en why is that

›› nyengese
  23-Jun-2009, reply_143566
With all duer respect, I find it impossible to withdraw…all that utamu.I would rather the vasectomy or any other method, most preferably a reversible one

›› seeker
  23-Jun-2009, reply_143580
no married man can use a condom, even with sidedish they dont use.

›› kelis
  23-Jun-2009, reply_143588
@ Seeker hi ..no wonder HIV is spreading like bush fire

›› seeker
  23-Jun-2009, reply_143624
kelis fit sana; hio ndio ukweli wa mambo. a single guy can use a condom, but a married one never uses with his sidedish. why? you just wonder

›› bikita
  23-Jun-2009, reply_143629
@Kelis,1st is the logistics.at wat point wud he take the pill,a day,2 or 3 before sex?wat is the probability that a man will calculate the time n take the pill at the required time?to me it doesnt seem realistic.

›› kelis
  23-Jun-2009, reply_143647
@ Bikita true true
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