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For God’s Sake, Let’s Stop This Stupidity, Guys!!!
Listing #277 by KenyanList Archives on 11/07/2020    Viewed 56 times . Replied to 4 times . Printed 0 times

I’ve had it. I am totally fed up with the stupid habit of Kenyans blaming everybody – especiallly politicians – for every sin under the sun EXCEPT THEMSELVES. Kila siku ni, ‘our leaders are corrupt, stupid, etc etc’. Get a life, for God’s sake! Kwani our leaders are from Mars? This is more of an excuse for our own personal failures than anything else. Is it our leaders who tell us to build those ugly extensions and deface estates like Buru? Is it our leaders who tell us not to build pit latrines even as we die of cholera like flies? It it our leaders who tell us to drive while drunk and die in road accidents? Is it our leaders who tell us to build those crime-infested slums (in Langata where I live, all the slums are owned by rich guys). Is it our leaders who tell us not to exercise basic courtesy at T-junctions? Spit and litter the streets? Employ under-age girls as maids, and then under-pay them with Ksh1,500?

Where in the world does the government create jobs? Kwani you went to school to be employed? Who created that company you want to be employed in? Wasn’t it somebody like you?

The excuse we like giving? ‘Our leaders are corrupt’. Hallooooooooooooo? LEADERS AND BUSINESSMEN ARE CORRUPT EVERYWHERE! MADOFF alone stole the equivalent of Kenya’s budget for 10 YEARS!

This stupidity must stop if this country is to go forward.


Even this hunger thing is over-blown. I challenge any person to come to my rural home and see what my old lady, a former teacher, has done with her small salary. Not only do we harvest water from our roof, but we also have a borehole (40 metres, dug by hand by paid labour for about Ksh40,000) and are also connected to the mains. Meanwhile, all I hear from people who are 2km from the Tana, where the water table is probalt 20 metres below is, ‘Tunataka serikali itusaidie’.

And if you decide to hold on to your cows until they die, instead of selling them for cash when drought strikes, why should I doonate my money ati you get food? Nature does not tolerate such stupidty. Through the ages, such people are eliminated through the ‘survival for the fittest’ system.

Sometimes I think we Blacks are terminally, genetically foolish.

And you guys can insult me all you want. But I can tell you. IF KENYANS GOON THE WAY THEY ARE< THIS COUNTRY WILL REMAIN POOR FOR EVER.

The future is for those who look at their circumstances as challenges, and do not spend all their time buck-passing, talking about marginalisation, and asking ‘serikali itusaidie.’

By couchpotato on 23-Jul-2009

» kijiko   2020-07-13 18:38:49

It starts and ends with leaders. Let me remind you a few years back when matatus were packing passengers like potatoes. Forty million Kenyans had given up, including the government. It took one man, just one leader, to turn things around. Michuki put his foot down, Kenyans suffered for a few months, but eventually everything changed for the better. Today, passengers will refuse to stand in vehicles. Why? Because a new culture has been created supported by leadership and legislation. Leaders have a huge impact on the direction a population takes. One leader is all it takes to run down or prosper a society.

» Afro   2020-07-30 11:19:15

Hahaha..Kumbe hi meffi couch P haijaanza Ku rant juzi?

» Rapture   2020-07-30 14:03:40

Enzi za before devolution hehehe

» Rapture   2020-07-30 14:06:49

@kijiko, what you say is very true but I think Kenya still has a long way to go if all we do is hide behind computer screens and rant online.

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