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Gov’t to Collaborate with Kenyans Abroad to Build Diaspora Data Bank
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The government is seeking to partner with Kenyans abroad in carrying out research and strengthening the diaspora data bank.

The plan was disclosed by Public Service Principal Secretary Mary Kimonye, who spoke during a webinar facilitated by the Kenya Diaspora Alliance (KDA), a federation that represents over 30 diaspora organizations.

Kimonye said the government is committed to implementing “Building Back Better”—a theme by President Kenyatta that calls upon all Kenyans to work together towards building a better nation.

“The Kenyan Government has identified a need to collaborate with the diaspora community to strengthen research efforts in the country and also the diaspora data bank,” PS. Kimonye said during the webinar dubbed “The future of work, diaspora and gender prospects.”

She further indicated that government departments have adopted automated performance contracting where employees are evaluated on targets signed.

Kimonye further pointed out that there was a minimal disruption in the delivery of government services in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We have had a COVID-19 committee bringing together key stakeholders who formulated policy guidelines to ensure no disruption of services in the public sector. There have been little disruptions which were occasioned in the first week when COVID -19 containment measures were announced,” added Kimonye.

Speaking at the same function, ICT Authority of Kenya (ICTA) CEO Dr. Kate Getao said the Covid-19 pandemic has forced the workforce to embrace the changing practices currently defining the workplace.

“We need to break out of the straight jacket, to implementation of ideas, even in manufacturing and embrace diversity in every person. The positive thing about Covid-19 is that we have been given the power to change the way we work and also create more work especially in the digital realm,” she said.

Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO) Secretary-General Bernadette Lewis said the speed of innovation has been accelerated by the pandemic.

“We have been forced to embrace ICT in order to function and operate normally. Repetitive action based jobs are likely to be replaced by technology. We need to be pro-active so that we are not replaced, or displaced,” she said.

On his part, Director for Africa International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Prof. Shaukat Abdulrazak called on the government to tap into the expertise of the diaspora community in order to achieve Vision 2030 nuclear energy goals.

“I would like to urge the government to take advantage of the expertise of the diaspora in order to adapt the knowledge and customize it for energy needs in the country,” he stated.




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