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‘I am here for people of Nairobi, not politics,’ NMS Boss, Badi says
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General Badi has stated that his interest is in cleaning up the mess in Nairobi and not engage in politics.

In an interview with NTV, Major-General Badi, said that he was there to rectify the misdeeds of Governor Sonko and former leaders.

Among the raft of changes, he said, was building bus termini that would see matatus exit from the CBD. Furthermore, he said that the city would also have 24 new hospitals in the slums. Mama Lucy would also be upgraded to a Level 5 referal facility.

Badi said that he had no desire to engage in politics, saying that politicians were the ones interfering with NMS.

He says that he has managed to achieve much of his work in his first 200 days in office.

However, the formation of NMS has faced legal challenges, with the High Court terming its formation as illegal.

Civil societies and other organizations stated that the Jubilee Administration would have initiated impeaching Sonko rather than form NMS.

Since handing over power, governor Sonko has been trying to get back his authority. The relationship between Badi and Sonko has been frosty.



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