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I Regret Joining Politics, Mike Sonko Says
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Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko says joining politics was one of the worst decision he has ever made.

Sonko admitted to ignoring his “people in the wilderness” even as he asked God to pardon him.

“I swear! Haki yaki ya Mungu tena! I regret joining politics. It was one of the worst decisions I have ever made,” Sonko wrote on Facebook on Thursday night.

He added: “As I retire to bed, I pray that God forgives me of my ignorance that led me to abandon his people in the wilderness after being forced by circumstances. Mungu nisamehe. Tomorrow lies in your hands and because you live I can courageously forge forward.”

Sonko was last December barred from accessing his office until a case in which he is charged over the alleged embezzlement of Sh357 million from Nairobi County government coffers is heard and determined.

This week, Sonko was directed to appear before a Nairobi court next Monday to take a fresh plea after the prosecution amended the charge sheet to include abuse of office charge.

He is accused of demanding a Sh10 million bribe from Web Tribe Ltd through ROG Security Limited to facilitate payments by the county government. Sonko is said to have committed the offense between January 10th and January 19th, 2019.

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