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Infotrak ranks MPs on performance as dissolution debates rages on
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nfotrak has revealed the ranking of the best performing MPs in the country as the debate on the dissolution of parliament rages on.

In their survey, Infotrak polled at least 114 MPs, with the scores then tallied out of 100.
In their survey, Emuhaya MP, who is also the Chairman of KUPPET, Omboko Milemba, ranked the highest. Milemba scored 75.4 per cent.

Emurua Dikirr MP, Johana Ng’eno, emerged second best, scoring 71.6 per cent in the performance index. Ng’eno is currently facing charges of incitement in court but has remained vocal in his criticism of the President.

Mwala MP, Vincent Musyoka polled in third with 70.8 per cent.

Taveta MP, Naomi Shabaan was the best ranked female MP, polling in at 61.6 per cent. That placed her at number 32.

The survey could not come at a better time. Chief Justice, David Maraga, advised the President to dissolve Parliament after it failed to enact the 2/3 gender rule.

The advice has caused concern and worries among many Members of Parliament, as they moved to the High Court to challenge Maraga’s statement.

Isiolo MP, Abdi Koropu, ranked the worst of the 114, scoring 33 per cent. Wajir South MP, Mohamed Sheikh was also among the low performers, scoring 38.1 per cent, Lari’s Jonah Mburu scored 38.2 per cent, while Mwingi North’s Paul Nzenge had 39.3 per cent. Subukia MP Samwel Kinuthia, on the other hand, scored 39.6 while Ndigwa’s Martin Owin had 40 per cent.

Othaya’s James Mugambi scored 40.8 per cent, while the vocal Joshua Kuttuny, of Cherangany, had 40.9 per cent. However, in recent times, Kuttuny has been unusually silent. A vocal ally of the Deputy President, Kuttuny has not come out strong in his friend’s defense in recent months.

The rankings could indeed, point to the likelihood of the MPs getting re-elected in 2022. The Heat for 2022 has already begun heating up, with new alliances forming from old ties.

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