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Is Ruto A Kalenjin God?
Listing #1070 by KenyanList Archives on 05/10/2020    Viewed 18 times . Replied to 0 times . Printed 0 times

I have been watching the antics of Ruto and his Kalenjin kinsmen lately. It strikes me that Ruto is some kind of a demigod to the Kalenjins.Juzi when he came from the Hague where he had gone to pre-empt his arrest following suspicions that he instigated or funded the 2007 post election violence, he was given a stage managed hero’s welcome as if he had done some heroic deeds.

What I wonder is, what is so heroic about killing innocent people? Burning people in church? raping women and beheading children?.I think some people are either just thick or plainly idiots!!

I think the Kalenjins should stick to Moi as their hero.Atleast during his time, he only presided over burning of houses each year there was an election and plundering of the economy. He also gave us Nyayo potholes,Nyayo Hse Torture Chambers, Nyayo milk and Nyayo Pioneer(which other African country makes cars?).We even had Nyayo Bus Services and Nyayo Tea Zones not to forget Nyayo Stadium in Kasarani.I cant also not forget the several Nyayo Secondary Schools and Nyayo Universities. And many other Nyayo White Elephants. Lastly we have the Nyayo assholes who helped him plunder the economy and grab land including Mau.
We also had the impassable Nyayo Roads and Nyayo International Airport in Eldoret which was mainly made for goats of Mogotio.

Talk of tick sticking to the skin of an already slaughtered bull.Ruto is going down and the earlier the Kalenjin started thinking outside Ruto the better for them. Their other alternative,The Project, is not the better off either, he is also going down! Maybe they start seriously considering The Water Melon but the guy is also dickless! Which brings me to The Tractor.It aint matter how many malnourished villagers are ferried to the airport to meet their “hero”,when time for justice comes,Ruto and his ilk will answer for their evil deeds!

Maybe its a high time they started licking The Tractor ass,but one other thing,I don’t want to be caught dead licking the same ass with the likes of Kuttuny,Zakayo Cheruiyot,Isaac Ruto.

All Ruto’s tribulations are caused by some invisible politician. He sells government forest way back in 2001,the law catches up with him,its some politicians after his ass.
He is suspected of murder (2007),KNHC reports him pamoja na Justice Waki.Ocampo comes looking for his ass,its some politicians against him!He is implicated in the maize scandal,a politician wants to finish him!!Kibaki suspends him to pave way for investigations into his thieving ways, a certain politician is behind his sacking.

His car hits a pothole,the pothole was dug by a certain politician out to finish him politically!!aiii yawa!!!Ruto Omera,Botum,ng’aliano wee!!Keleneee ngeta!!ithinye ngalekechang’boiyo,ng’etaaa!!!

Warning :Some dumb asses will mention Raila and Luos in their replies…funda watu kama hao,shindwe!




›› Dr.Jakenya(PhD,OGW)  10-Nov-2010, reply_435129
This listing should be featured by Admin…

›› biadest
  10-Nov-2010, reply_435136
“His car hits a pothole,the pothole was dug by a certain politician out to finish him politically”

›› jicho pevu
  10-Nov-2010, reply_435137
“it strikes me that Ruto is some kind of a demigod to the Kalenjins”….talk of the pot calling the kettle black

›› biadest
  10-Nov-2010, reply_435141
that parts funny

›› jicho pevu
  10-Nov-2010, reply_435142
“and the earlier the Kalenjin started thinking outside Ruto the better for them.”……kweli nyani haoni kundule

›› Kavirondo
  10-Nov-2010, reply_435144
hehe,but better ruto/kalenjins than this other side

›› starks
  10-Nov-2010, reply_435145
Kaleos are starting to worship Ruto the way Jangos worship Raila. What a shame

›› Dr.Jakenya(PhD,OGW)
  10-Nov-2010, reply_435148
I said some dumbass would mention Raila in their replies,aii yawa!!

›› mark x
  10-Nov-2010, reply_435150
omar was given money by raila to finish me

›› Bemupamlume
  10-Nov-2010, reply_435151

I like the way your Posts out-rightly stir up the anger of your fellow kids, it will soon hit 60 replies in NO time.
But not always you should think like this, because if you put this Rubbish in your kids and your sisters kids, Luos will be extinct in no time at all.

›› jicho pevu
  10-Nov-2010, reply_435154
“I don’t want to be caught dead licking the same ass “……at least ur honest in wat u do best

›› Jerry De’Governor
  10-Nov-2010, reply_435157
did u know:Jaluos were responsible for causing a lot of damage and image of kenya during PEVEvidence 1: jaluo na mawe. No raila No peace..sad

Evidence 2: #stupid jaluos burning everything in sight

Evidence 3: jinga jinga type watu mashida shida type jaluo dirtify our roads.

Evidence 4: enough said..sad

and many more….etc etc

and finally

›› ng’osh
  10-Nov-2010, reply_435160
raila. ruto. uhuru. kalonzo….are all tribal kingpins. none is a kenyan messiah. there tribalal allignments is what fuels tribal animosity and my brothers from nyanza and central are the worst tribalists..you just have to look at how they vote during general elections!

›› Jerry De’Governor
  10-Nov-2010, reply_435162
my brothers from nyanza and central are the worst tribalists..@ngosh jerry k and ten other people FULLY support this comment.

›› starks
  10-Nov-2010, reply_435173
Its bad to say raila is a demi god but not ruto. Kweli nyani haoni kundule

›› Dr.Jakenya(PhD,OGW)
  10-Nov-2010, reply_435177
I repeat again and again,just as I warned dumbasses would mentiojn Raila in their replies.So now you know,if you have mentioned Raila and Jaruo,you are a dumb ass…

›› Jerry De’Governor
  10-Nov-2010, reply_435187
how i wish kiambaa was kisumu..After all omena fry tastes better than roasted Nduma..ama? if u know wharr i mean.

›› walala
  10-Nov-2010, reply_435188
politics is like marathon: start slow finish fast, ruto has started fast he’s bound to finish slow.he has become too predictable.

›› walala
  10-Nov-2010, reply_435196
is there anybody more tribal than gmn hapa klist.btw njerri k na shiku k are they related? just asking.

›› hoardy
  10-Nov-2010, reply_435197
Ruto’s quest to demystify the role he played in PEV,his demeaning character yesterday potrayed him as a hapless sychophant who has lost his intellectual and political servitude

  10-Nov-2010, reply_435204
Roto for presidency and am not Kaleo!

›› Dr.Jakenya(PhD,OGW)
  10-Nov-2010, reply_435213
Kudos @hoardy and walala…
@Jeremi,pier meru!!

›› chillypeper
  10-Nov-2010, reply_435217
Look at all these guys wasting their time fighting their tribal heroes battles for them…..hey these tribal kingpins dont give a s..t about you or any other of the loyal misgided supporters who died for their power hungry aspirations and greed for wealth. They and their rela’s get rich while we jingas die killing each other so that they have power….its time Kenyans tell these politicians to get their own sons and daughters to do their dirty work for them

›› Sahau
  10-Nov-2010, reply_435230
I second @chillpeper.

›› Dr.Jakenya(PhD,OGW)
  10-Nov-2010, reply_435239
thats what am talkinabout@hotchillypaper wa sabanga..i support ur sentiments

›› mwenya
  10-Nov-2010, reply_435300
Jakenya’s skull is abnormally thick

›› impala
  10-Nov-2010, reply_435666
not even an army can stop an idea whose time has come ruto is da man

›› Sahau
  10-Nov-2010, reply_435687
Tim Dogg provide your evidence and stop the stupidity. What value is (and was!) Ruto to anybody then? Why should anybody want to finish him when there is a disputed election? Kwani he was a presidential candidate? Why should anyone want to frame him? SILLY!!

›› Tim Dogg
  10-Nov-2010, reply_435688
…there’s an activist called ken wafula (the one who gave kenya army chief of staff an ultimatum to employ the lady who had been denied recruitment for allegations that she was preggo…or else…) who owns an ngo in eldoret and whom i know personally…this is omar’s point man in the pev ‘scam’. this guy’s outfit is what you can call ‘brief case ngo’ through which he solicits for funds from perhaps well-meaning donors and to earn his keep, he must always be seen to be agitating for something. the same guy ‘predicted’ that there would be bloodshed during the last referendum claiming that a certain community was stockpiling arms. dude was even arrested last year for incitement. this year, the same dude is making claims to international media (reuters international) that there is an ‘arms race’ in the rift valley ahead of 2012 and that there will be bloodshed in 2012…dear kenyans, this is the same guy whom, through omar hassan (whom i also went to college with- moi university…was behind me by one year and did not complete course due to expulsion) of knhcr, has been ‘coaching’ witnesses who are then presented to investigative agencies. today i was surprised to meet the same activist at a certain foreign donor agency agitatedly recounting to ‘wazungu’ how rvp is in turmoil…and how, with the intervention of ‘human rights activists’ (like himself i guess), total obliteration of the rvp inhabitants could be avoided. ruto may, after all, have a point.

›› Tim Dogg
  10-Nov-2010, reply_435694
@sahau, i have given my reasons. these activists are being funded heavily. can’t you read you imbecile?? what evidence…that ken wafula is from eldoret? that omar hassan was a trouble-some student leader in moi university? thank God for internet…you can get all the facts by simply googling ‘ken wafula’…it’s all out there. just a little bit more info…just a by the way…ken is a luhya who speaks fluent kale. and, i shook his hand this very day…very nervous he was and shocked to see me! like ruto said, i know what i am talking about…i am not just talking out of the blues…and finally, you are the stupid one. no offense, just wanted to ‘put the record straight’ because there are too many lies flying around…and i see you actually want to savor every bit of it without being disturbed by some truth. truth hurts, doesn’t it?? “ukweli ukidhihirika uwongo hujitenga”…

›› Tim Dogg
  10-Nov-2010, reply_435702
@sahau click here, here and About the page

›› Tim Dogg
  10-Nov-2010, reply_435708
@sahau sorry some of my links are not working. my apologies. here are the links. copy to your browser:1) http://nipate.com/ken-wafula-cornered-t786.html2) http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/InsidePage.php?id=2000021937&cid;=4&ttl;=Groups%20willing%20to%20aid%20victims%20at%20The%20Hague

3) http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE64A1D520100511

you can make your own conclusions…

›› Dr.Jakenya(PhD,OGW)
  10-Nov-2010, reply_435761
i want to say this:it doesnt matter what the wafulas and the omars did or didnt do or how much and how often they meet some foreigners.the bottom line is,anybody who participated in killing,raping,burning,hacking innocent kenyans in one way or another will have his day at the ICC or otherwise.

if ocampo is depending on wafula and omar as his sole sources of evidence,why were ICC investigators sent to kenya?these assheads who are now coming out to say that they were coerced to lie,walikuwa wapi?

i think its ruto who is paying some peasants to lie that they were coached to give adverse evidence against him.

but tell you what,ocampo is watching this ruto circus with alot of amusement…

ili iwe funzo kwa wengine ambao wako na tabia kama hiyo!!

and my brother tim doog aka timex,you dont have to believe everything you read on the internet omera yawa!!

›› ochuodho J
  11-Nov-2010, reply_435861
Political nonsense this thread is,typical tribal crap

›› Tim Dogg
  11-Nov-2010, reply_435882
@dr jakenya, omera and where else do you get info if not from the world wide web? tell you what jatelo, i am not communicating with you right now…this is all fictitious…actually we don’t exist! truth is relative. it’s how you perceive it. so i don’t rely entirely on media. cann’t trust ’em. just read the ‘rubbish’ about knchr in today’s standard paper. it’s bollocks. but unfortunately, like i said, i personally know commissioner omar and human rights activist wafula. the allegations of impropriety are true. sadly.

›› Karau
  11-Nov-2010, reply_435917
you can go to hell with your Raila, Ruto is our man and come 2012 he will be a factor whether he is in hauge or Kenya, Mark my words Raila has the chance but wait you will get the surprise of the year

›› Dr.Jakenya(PhD,OGW)
  11-Nov-2010, reply_436012
oj,when will you ever stop being an hypocrite?funda!!

›› Dr.Jakenya(PhD,OGW)
  11-Nov-2010, reply_436018
and my brother OJ,i think you should stick to whining which has become your sole occupation here in klist…iwinjo jatelo?

›› Tim Dogg
  11-Nov-2010, reply_436179
@oj represents the voice of reason. let us all emulate him.

›› kid
  11-Nov-2010, reply_436231
wake up no politician care about their “people” we are all bunch of votes to them.They just use us all as a means to get into power and acquire more money.

›› olechexisaac
  13-Nov-2010, reply_437641
KENYANS! STUPID EFFING KENYANS! i wish u fight and kill youselves to extinction.and those who will be left behind should be burnt alive!…i wish this was a islamic country….*sigh*

›› smoke_oh
  17-Nov-2010, reply_440439
Ati Nyayo Assholes! Hahahaha…nice one
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