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Is Their Anything Like A Pause In A Relationship
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When dating and your partner tells you he or she needs a break e.g for a week or a month does this amount to a break up or what exactly does this mean?


›› xabi  15-May-2009
The only pause i know is when u get dumped.

›› ogoto
  15-May-2009, reply_134512
Its like pausing!!!!!!!!! to look for more details about you.

›› aragorn
  15-May-2009, reply_134518
🙁 kaput!

›› mumbo
  15-May-2009, reply_134519
Feels fine especially if you ended up having sex too soon! The person may be feeling crowded and harassed. If you are eligible for marriage then he is actually chickening out! Time to call in the troops

›› kelis
  15-May-2009, reply_134524
Ladies when you tell a dude u need a break ……….
from jamaas its sooo over

›› Debie
  15-May-2009, reply_134549
When I tell a brotha I need a break it means I need to sort my feeling 1st maybe I dont feel him no more

›› Debie
  15-May-2009, reply_134556
@ Kelis this was janas discussion kiss 100 a chick was asking for help coz the boyfie had asked for a 3 months break

›› seeker
  15-May-2009, reply_134571
if a guy says..so over
if a gal says it…she is unsure of the relationship.

›› aragorn
  15-May-2009, reply_134616
Seeker you bias!

›› seeker
  15-May-2009, reply_134626
but aragorn you yourself said kaput!

›› aragorn
  15-May-2009, reply_134630
oo seeker i thought kelis was like..’your partner tells you she needs a break’…!

›› Kasoso wa mbaya
  15-May-2009, reply_134638
if a chic says its over then she isnt taking you serious.wake up and move on..

›› Debie
  15-May-2009, reply_134668
Whn a jamaaa tells u he needs a break it a polite way of telling you pls forget about me

›› Sahau
  15-May-2009, reply_134677
Theres no pause just being dumped softly.

›› jaks
  15-May-2009, reply_134748
lemme process this,

ooops! sorry i cant process it. there is nothing like a break(flat as it is) it comes with a problem that needs solving not space…

›› kelis
  15-May-2009, reply_134755
@ Debie true heard on radio ….wanted to hear the villagers take on this

›› nyengese
  15-May-2009, reply_134794

›› lovemat
  15-May-2009, reply_134886
Guys, I think its possibe to have a beak.

When the relationship crowds and overwhelms someone, they can take a break to ‘sort’ their emotions or whatever it is…….and then ‘resume’

I`d personally ask for a break and it wouldnt necesarrily mean its over…….



» Afro   2020-09-01 09:53:30

A polite way of asking for permission to cheat. If it works out,you will never see the person again. If it doesn't,then he/she still has you, as the spare tire you agreed to be.

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