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Jubilee Advisory Council Backs Removal of Ruto as Deputy Party Leader
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The Jubilee Party advisory council has endorsed the decision to remove Deputy President William Ruto as the party’s deputy leader.

The council consists of party leaders who dissolved their parties to form the Jubilee Party ahead of the 2017 general election.

Led by Albert Nyaundi, the chair of the council and former Ford People party leader, the leaders agreed with Jubilee National Management Committee (NMC), which on Friday recommended the ouster of DP Ruto as deputy leader over allegations of launching parallel party offices dubbed Jubilee Asili. Nyaundi and his team accused DP Ruto of “suffering from acute superiority complex”.

“Any other member can replace him as the Deputy Party leader,” he said, adding that Ruto is free to walk out of the party.

“URP cannot ride roughshod on the other eleven member parties. If he feels that the conglomerate is not being run to his satisfaction, then all he can do is to walk out and leave the other parties in peace.”

NMC also banned Ruto from using the Jubilee Party headquarters in Pangani to hold meetings meant to advance his 2022 political ambitions.

“…the Deputy Party Leader as a self-declared Presidential Candidate for 2022 will not be allowed to use the Party headquarters as a center of operationalization of his 2022 campaign and to use the center for intimidation of any potential opponent or Party staff.”

“It is no longer tenable for the DP to use the Party platform including statements from the Party Headquarters to advance his divisive so-called hustler politics that are counter to the Party and Presidents platform of uniting the country, the fight against corruption, and the agenda four items,” Jubilee secretary-general Raphael Tuju told a media briefing on Friday.

But Ruto allies led by Senator Kipchumba Murkomen dismissed the plan to oust the DP and vowed to continue holding meetings at the party’s offices.

“No one can change that unless the Jubilee Constitution is amended or national elections held. Treat Tuju’s lamentations just like a donkey breaking wind,” said Murkomen.

Soy MP Caleb Kositany said: “The Jubilee Constitution says the party leader shall be the president and the deputy party leader shall be the DP. You cannot divorce the two.”

He added: “The best way if they are fed up with the marriage is for the President to call for a snap election. Let us go for general elections and elect a new government because this one is dysfunctional.”

Ruto’s fate lies in the hands of the Jubilee National Executive Committee (NEC), which is chaired by the party leader, President Kenyatta.




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