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Jùgùma N The Lion ; The Mystery
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I have been in jail 4the last two weeks 4a petty offence, sitting while standing. While in jail, i made many friends without dropping the soap, and some 2 guys had been jailed for allegedly kidnapping Juguma Diani and taking him to the maasai mara to be partaken upon by a beast of the wild. I hear juguma had not cleared his bill at kwa jogu for 3yrs so jogu himself organized for the kidnap.
The kidnappers tied Juguma up a tree high and levered the rope to the ground on the other side. They lit a candle and made their escape, but were caught at the gate. They refused to give info abt Juguma and thus were jailed on grounds of murder. They were sure the position they left him in, the rope would surely be burnt by the candle and juguma would fall down and get eaten by a lion tht was waiting down below.
But ALAS!! Rumour has it that Juguma survived. They dont know how. Juguma is so mischevious that even though he was tied up a tree, and the rope was getting burnt by a candle, he managed to survive and the lion did not eat him.
Can any1 solve this mystery, and tell me what Juguma did to survive.

caution to readers : if u know the real answer, please wait for other replies and lets see what people have to say. I had asked this same question 2 years ago so any1 that was here then might remember the answer.


›› mapuoka  13-Aug-2009, 
I have read this joke before but the way you tell it kills it totally, sorry man, as the answer, is so awesomely stupid that it makes the joke really funny, classic plagiarism!!

›› Juguma Diani
  13-Aug-2009, reply_158652
Do i sound edible in any way?? @ KP. Umenichanganya hadi answer imekuwa mteja mara hiyo hiyo. Hehehe…

›› mapuoka
  13-Aug-2009, reply_158742
@juguma…the answer is so foolish that you might probably curse after reading it…

›› lovemat
  13-Aug-2009, reply_158756
hehehe…should i answer ama wait for another person to answer?

›› Papa Nyangumi
  13-Aug-2009, reply_158795

›› paparatzzi
  15-Aug-2009, reply_159074

›› the kiuk protagonist
  15-Aug-2009, reply_159125
Haha, answer on monday

›› pkay
  21-Aug-2009, reply_160497
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