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Kenya Airways to Resume US Nonstop Flights on October 29th
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Kenya Airways (KQ) direct flights to and from the US will resume on October 29th, the airline has announced.

KQ said it will initially operate two weekly flights (Wednesday and Sunday) on the Nairobi-New York route before increasing the frequency to three times a week (Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday).

“We look forward to hosting you onboard our flights to your favorite destinations when you are ready to travel,” KQ said in a statement.

“Please reach out to us with any inquiries at the contacts numbers below. Your New York Sales Team, Tel. 1-866-536-9224 Email: USReservations@kenya-airways.com.”

KQ suspended all operations in March after the government closed the country’s airspace in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak in Kenya and other parts of the world.

After Kenya reopened its airspace for international flights on August 1st, KQ reduced its routes by half to 27, dropping nonstop flights to and from the US due to low demand.

KQ launched direct flights to the US in October 2018, cutting the journey to 15 hours. The airline completed 594 trips to and from New York, flying at least 105,084 passengers as of October last year.

The US is among countries from which travelers are free to travel without being subjected to 14-day mandatory quarantine upon arrival in Kenya.

Data released by the Tourism Ministry last month showed that out of the 14,049 international arrivals in Kenya since the resumption of international flights on August 1st, the US had the highest number with 2,768.

The number of visitors arriving from the US is expected to spike once Kenya Airways resumes direct flights to New York in October.




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