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Kenyan Student in the UK Sails to the Miss Africa Great Britain Beauty Pageant Finals
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Kenyan student, Nelly Ndungu has made it to the finals in the Miss Africa Great Britain beauty pageant.

Nelly, who hails from Njoro, Nakuru County is among the 30 finalists in the competition that is open to African women living in the UK.

If she is crowned the winner, Nelly will become a goodwill ambassador for Miss Africa Great Britain and will be responsible for designing and implementing a charity program based on her Pageant Platform. She told Daily Nation that she aims to support a sanitary towels initiative in her home town.

“This is the perfect chance for me to give my services to the society. I have been following Kenyan news, and it’s frustrating to see our young girls getting pregnant at a very young age because they trade sex for pads,” Nelly said.

“This is why I would love to work towards eradicating ‘period poverty’. I have done my research and this is a real problem, but one which is not widely known.”

Nelly is seeking to become the first Kenyan woman to win the beauty pageant which was launched in 2011. She has been drumming up support for herself on social media in the last month and is currently in 2nd position.

The first finals of the contest will take place on Saturday while the winner will be announced on Saturday, October 17th.

Nelly moved to the UK two years ago after she was admitted to the University of Hertfordshire to study Pharmacology. She spends her leisure time with young people living with autism in Peterborough.


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