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Kenyanlist 2008 Oscar Awards. & The Winners Are..!
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Morning everyone.

The year 2008 has been such a hilarious and an eventful one. So the Admin, who is also the CEO of kenyanlist Mr. Silas Kiratu Wanderi and I, decided to come up with a final list of the OSCAR award winners and losers for the year 2008.

Best Movie: ‘Romancing The Stone’
Starring: James ‘bond’ @nzingili
Magdalene Syokau @mwende
Producer: Johnstone ‘sticky fingers’ @xabi

Worst Movie: ‘Sprinting Down River Road Nude @3pm’
Starring: Joshua ‘prince’ @nicemose
Three Aden Twilight ‘spice’ Gals
Producer: Aggrey ‘quincy’ @couchpotato

Best Actress: Annastasia Wangui @annan
Movie: ‘My Journey To Hell And Back’
Producer: @sylar ‘the devil’ aka @ngunjangutu

Best Actor : @eddlove junior
Movie : ‘2008 klisters final bash / crash’
Producer(s) : @aragorn shiundu

Worst Actress: zaituni @noi moto malkia
Movie: ‘striping in my dreams’
Producer: obidiah @bemupamlume

Worst Actor: Joshua ‘prince’ @nicemose
Movie: ‘my flashy (fantasy) rides’
Producer: Samson ‘softie’ @dantez


@nzingili: having to come all the way from amsterdam, only to be booby spiked and all your valuables taken, somewhere deep in the makueni’s. didnt even have a chance to say hi to your relaz…….

@xabi, for catching you thrice with your trembling fingers trying to empty my pockets at the bash, i still know what you did last summer at the coast. sharpen your skills……

@hardrorc, for that f*cked up toothpick turned matchstick notwithstanding, i can see the altar coming next my boy…..

@lovely & @cutie, for always coming with the intro thing after am drunk. i know you physically, but still cant figure out who is who…….

@joto & @topcat 1, for dodging me when i needed you guys most………..

@ochuodho J, for eloping with a mzungu chile. still being sought by BB with the help of the police in London….

@sahau, the greatest tax evader of all time………..

@eddlove, you are not sexually starved as i initially thought…..

@aragorn, my toes are still aching. you kept on stepping on them with those ‘kanu youth’ boots. thanks for the viceroy though…….

@Geo, for the mbuzi i never ate…..

@babawatoto & @daniel, for finding free advertising space for their merchandise & services on the net………….

@dantez, what a quiet humble guy. i wonder what gets into you when you are on your comp…..

@guru, for changing my life completely, i didnt know there are ‘Godly’ people in klist….

@seeker, @kingangi once confessed that he has just what you’ve been seekeng for….

@Admin, for being so, so, so stingy. could not contribute even a cent for the various bashes that have so far been held for the good of k-list……..

@to all k-listers, WE ARE STILL A FAMILY

Enjoy your holidays, and please dont drink and drive. We need you here come 2009!!!!

By amiro on 10-Dec-2008


›› Admin  10-Dec-2008, reply_107494
@amiro… STINGY????? Do you have any idea how much in terms of hours and money I use maintaining klist??? Bwana, I appreciate the honor, but we all got to contribute….

›› amiro
  10-Dec-2008, reply_107495
@Admin, did you see (FOR FREE) how i designed the cake that was eaten at the bash?? exactly like the kenyanlist logo up there. anyway, no hard feelings, its about what we can do for kenyanlist and not the other way round. cheers….

›› guru
  10-Dec-2008, reply_107496
Best Movie: ‘Romancing The Stone’
Starring: James ‘bond’ @nzingili
Magdalene Syokau @mwende
Producer: Johnstone ‘sticky fingers’ @xabi


Good one @amiro. Youve woken up @admin to reply! Bravo!!

›› pendo
  10-Dec-2008, reply_107497
So @Admin reads everything????

›› cutie
  10-Dec-2008, reply_107498
hahahaha….this is very hillarious. is this the sober u @Amiro?

›› amiro
  10-Dec-2008, reply_107502
@guru & @pendo, @Admin doesnt sleep, unafikiri ata dish nini akilalia masikio. this is his shop…..
@cutie, my next intake of booze shall be some time over easter hols….

›› RatedX
  10-Dec-2008, reply_107505
Its worth a smile u know

›› Mhhhmmm
  10-Dec-2008, reply_107506
And on behalf of the sexual athletics association of Klist village i want to introduce an award

›› xabi
  10-Dec-2008, reply_107507
hahahaaa……na kweli viceroy imefanya kazi…ati “johnstone”…hahaha!!!

›› hardrorc
  10-Dec-2008, reply_107508
@aragorn, my toes are still aching. you kept on stepping on them with those ‘kanu youth’ boots.
@sahau, the greatest tax evader of all time

No wonder i cant quit klist Hahahaha amiro umerogwa

›› joto
  10-Dec-2008, reply_107510
my friend, we were with you all the way and you may not know but i guarded you till you took a taxi home. by the way when we were left some fellows started coming to that room and i had to remind them that the room was still booked.

that is a good try though.
@xabi you use your freedom of expression in a funny way, ask topcat1 what you told me.

›› xabi
  10-Dec-2008, reply_107512
joto, what did i say?? (toboa)

›› joto
  10-Dec-2008, reply_107516
@xabi nothing bad. it was just hirralious. si ati ni ya masikio yote.

›› aragorn
  10-Dec-2008, reply_107518
Amiro wow, this the most reasonable thing/post you’ve said the whole year! Thumbs up dude….

›› amiro
  10-Dec-2008, reply_107519
@Mhhhmm, aka Mohammed, ati S.A.A.K.?? hahahahahahah
@xabi, viceroy gani?? wacha nipigie hardsun sa hii…..
@hardrorc, muindi amelipa @kenyaweb?? lucky you can now connect. klisting thru a cyber is kinda expe..
@joto, heheheh heheheh, juz pullin your leg….
@aragorn shiundu, i havent said anything. just wrote. where can i get such ‘gum boots???……..’

›› kingangi
  10-Dec-2008, reply_107524
@hahaha,i just like the way admin tetea’s himself.admin kubali.HAUNA!
@seeker,read for urself.
@amiro,we bado umelewa.ati “kanu youthboots” yaani ati alipewa time ya kanu.

›› Sahau
  10-Dec-2008, reply_107534
But who gave amiro a TKO at the bash? was he boxing with somebody?

Best Actor : Amiro “Gangster” Hussien
Movie : The Gods Must Be Crazy
Producer(s) : @guru anyango

›› eddlove
  10-Dec-2008, reply_107543
hehhe kali hii

›› eddlove
  10-Dec-2008, reply_107544
hehhe kali hii

›› Dantez
  10-Dec-2008, reply_107548
idiot..you were seated across the table..hw kd u tell???

›› nzingili
  10-Dec-2008, reply_107549
This is hilarious . jeez..Kumbe hangovers can lead you Amiro to constract a thrill listing?…Did you say nzingili,, Romancing the stone? Did you kal pendo magdalene SYOKAU? And that kingangi has found the seeking gal the @seeker? Very funny tho’.

Best actor: cutie… one lady show.. ,
Movie;;;; fingure must stay in,
Producer… nicemose

›› mungadelicious
  10-Dec-2008, reply_107570
Kweli kabisa @Admin @10-Dec-2008 …reply # 107494…

I hope we can all hold Kenyanlist together in 2009 & beyond, because the global economic meltdown is going to particularly begin hitting hard and “below the belt” from next year…

Your remarks r therefore fully appreciated, @Admin…

Hata sisi wengi wetu tuna kuja kupotea sababu ya ngarama ya maisha kwa jumla

›› cutie
  10-Dec-2008, reply_107572
Nzingili…hahahaha. it was a nice movie

›› amiro
  10-Dec-2008, reply_107573
@kingangi, i quit drinks last sunday, na sirudi huko tena. @xabi taught me a lesson or two about safeguarding your pocket(s) when drunk..
@sahau, hangovers ziliisha by sunday 0930hrs.
@eddlove, vipi.
@dantez ‘softie’, so one cant see anything if he/she is seated accross the table………
@nzingili, usirudie kuchezea wasichan wa kenya tena (especially wa kao).. it will be too late to realize that actually, there was no love at all………..

›› pendo
  10-Dec-2008, reply_107577
@Amiro,there was and we are still in love.Why are u bringing issues that are none issues here??

›› couchpotato
  10-Dec-2008, reply_107579

[Worst Movie: ‘Sprinting Down River Road Nude @3pm’
Starring: Joshua ‘prince’ @nicemose
Three Aden Twilight ‘spice’ Gals
Producer: Aggrey ‘quincy’ @couchpotato]

Ha ha ha. Good holidays.

›› Bemupamlume
  10-Dec-2008, reply_107590
what makes guys connect me with @noi moto occasionally?

›› Jayg
  10-Dec-2008, reply_107592
@Amiro…bravo bro….4 attackin Adm.
The award of the best round person in Klist goes to….Jayg.
@Sahau…pliz submit ur returns, atlist to kip klist systems wrkin….Tax a must pay!!!

›› nzingili
  10-Dec-2008, reply_107617
@bemu you have been spoted together at mwembetayari behind the mosque there and you know what goes on there. Ima mama wanakuliza… niaje dadi, kwani watembea sokoni bila kununua tomato!!!! bali hakuna tomato wal tunda lolote pale… We can take xabi thea once

›› Sahau
  10-Dec-2008, reply_107621
@Jayq, I do and from 11th Dec 2008 I will do it electronically.

›› Bemupamlume
  10-Dec-2008, reply_107630
@nzingili yaonekana wayafahamu vyema ya Msufi Mkavu…….Koinange ya Mombasa!!!!, Lakini siku hiyo nilikuwa namsindikiza Klister mmoja ambaye walitaka waonane kmwili na @noi moto.

›› annan
  10-Dec-2008, reply_107636
may i take this opportunity to first thank you @amiro and @Admin, for not taking sides in the selection of the winners and losers in this year’s oscars.
“applause!!, applause!!, applause!!

this has been through a lot of hard work, self discipline, and dedication.
“applause!!, applause!!, applause!!

it is not always that you so wish to make friends with everyone, but some you shall win and some you lose.
“applause!!, applause!!, applause!!

i also take this oppotunity to thank the winners of the best movie, even though i beat them to the tape in the individual catergories.
“applause!!, applause!!, applause!!

i dedicate this award to my parents, my sister fatmah, and ofcourse my producer and long time boyfriend turned fiancee @couchpotato, promising you that next year shall see yetr another bockbuster from us.
“applause!!, applause!!, applause!!

GOD bless ye all & happy holidays!!!!!!!

›› Jayg
  10-Dec-2008, reply_107642
B4 we go 4 x-mas….who’s got the award of the best K-list guy…n lady!! We beta vote hia…bt I only requst ur vote 4 me….”K-list,da place u feel home” Grt tyms guys as u vote.

›› nzingili
  10-Dec-2008, reply_107651
K-listers are equally da best…hakuna division

›› noi moto
  11-Dec-2008, reply_107677
ahsanteni sana kwa kunichagua mie kama msanii wa mwaka huu, wa alfu mbili na nane. lakini wakenya bado mko nyuma tukija katika ukumbi wa kimapenzi, kwani nyie ni midomo tu, na punde mufikapo kitandani, nyote mwawa wabaridi.

hivi ni kusema kuwa, hamchukui wakati wenu kupashana kiwewe ila, nyinyi hurukia tu na kuanza ngono. hili ndilo kisababicho kikuu kwa waume wenu kucheza dakika kama tano hivi, halafu washusha. mwanamke hubaki katikati ya safari, na hatakuwa na budi kumtafuta mwingine atakaye sakata ngono vyema na kumtosheleza.

mwaka ujao, nitawapa siri za kutunza jamii, kwa wote waume na wa kike.

siri ya leo ni, hakuna mwanamke aweza kutoshelezwa na mume mmoja………

saba la kheri!!

›› amiro
  11-Dec-2008, reply_107697
@bemupamlume, if i may just ask. might you be @noi moto?? just asking bro, no hard feelings…….
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