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Kenyans in Diaspora Ask President Uhuru to Dissolve Parliament After CJ Maraga’s Advisory
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Kenyans in the diaspora have called on President Kenyatta to act on Chief Justice David Maraga’s advice to dissolve Parliament.

On Monday, Maraga asked Uhuru to disband the Senate and the National Assembly for failing to enact legislation required to implement the two-thirds gender rule for nine years.

Kenyans abroad through their lobby—Kenya Diaspora Alliance (KDA)—have warned that failure to act on the CJ’s advisory could throw the country into uncertainty and stall services at key government departments.

“A democratic state is governed by laws and that means respecting decisions that result from the law. The President should either follow the advisory, and dissolve parliament, or at least have it challenged in court,” KDA Global Chairperson Dr. Shem Ochuodho said in a statement.

“Anything to the contrary is impunity. Our view is the President should heed the position of the CJ and dissolve parliament.”

KDA further stated that owing to the advisory, Parliament should suspend all operations until the matter is settled.

“The Speakers should put on hold any parliamentary proceedings because as it stands, Parliament is adjourned. The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) should also pause,” Ochuodho added.

KDA said the president should heed to Maraga’s call and dissolve the August House, stating that this will pave the way for amendment of some sections of the Constitution to define the rights and obligations of Kenyans living abroad.

“The diaspora, despite forming about 15 percent of eligible voters, have no representation in Parliament. They have voting rights but they don’t enjoy them,” he said.

President Kenyatta is yet to respond to CS Maraga’s advisory.


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