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Laxity as Kenyans drop containment measures, matatus carry excess while politicians increase rallies
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Majority of city residents have stopped observing the Ministry of Health regulations to curb the spread of Covid-19.

Many no longer wash hands, wear masks, keep social distance, or use sanitisers.

On Monday evening, this writer boarded an overloaded bus in which some passengers were standing along the aisle in contravention of guidelines on capacity of Public Service Vehicles (PSVs).

Initially, passengers used to sanitise hands before boarding PSVs but today, most bus operators are not keen on this.

The low Covid-19 cases reported in the past weeks could be the reason behind the laxity, a situation that is now worrying Ministry of Health officials.

The ministry has raised alarm over a surge in cases in once considered safe counties such as Turkana. The laxity, for instance to enforce wearing of masks by police, has seen the public drop the guard.

In the Nairobi Central Business District (CBD), Kenyans still wear masks but the situation is different in the estates.

“Coronavirus is real. However, you can even see the daily numbers being reported by the Health ministry have gone down. We can now relax a bit though I am aware that it is still posible to contract it,” said Charles Mutua, a resident of Pipeline estate.

He added: “I will only wear the mask when I hear people are being arrested or I see a police officer.”

Social distancing has now been disregarded by politicians who have started holding rallies.

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