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Legalize It! Senator Ledama Ole Kina Addresses Kenyans From a Bhang Plantation.
Listing #868 by Mary Mundia on 23/09/2020    Viewed 97 times . Replied to 3 times . Printed 0 times

The Narok County senator called for legalisation of Marijuana citing it economic and health benefits.





» Mishale   2020-09-24 06:43:21

Hear! Hear!

It’s about time we legalized it.

The San Fernando OG that’s currently in the market is being sold for THREE THOUSAND SHILLINGS per gram! 3 fucking K per gram!!!

My dealer is now a millionaire!

Anyway, it’s better than the stuff grown locally.

I say we legalize so that we can cultivate it PROPERLY and improve the grade.

» Petero   2020-09-24 15:07:27


Buda kwani weh ni pedi unataja bei to the gram

» Rapture   2020-09-24 19:44:24

Hii kitu ikiwa illegal ndio bei iko juu. Masonko wanamangia. Mkiachiliwa muipande bei inakua ya sukuma wiki.

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