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Lolani Kalu in bad state three years after losing job at NTV
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In December 2017, Lolani Kalu, was among a number of journalists laid off by the Nation Media Group in what the management termed as a restructuring move.

Three years after the mass retrenchment, Lolani is struggling to make a living.

The witty and funnyman, who made a name for himself in the Kenyan media industry with his unique storytelling skill, is going through a rough time after losing his job.

In an exclusive phone interview with this writer, Kalu disclosed that after being laid off by NMG, he decided to open a production company to continue doing what he loved most — storytelling.

Unfortunately, the business has been doing badly with some clients not paying for work done.

The journalist says he lost all his savings amounting to Ksh1.5 million to a rogue businessman he had contracted to build him a retirement home in Kang’undo.

The father of three, who now lives in the coastal region, says that currently, his office doesn’t even have a computer and he uses a friend’s laptop to edit his works.

He only comes to Nairobi to visit his family that lives in Kaloleni, and spends most of his time back in the village taking care of his octogenarian mom.

Kalu, who is determined to change the lives of the youth through art, is now calling for well-wishers to help him get on his feet one again.



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