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‘Love Doctor’: Kenyans Online Awed as Singer Muigai wa Njoroge Flaunts His Two Wives
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The photos show the singer posing for pictures with his wives on either side and it is evident the two are happy and seem to get along together.

Social media users were awed by the fact that Muigai managed to bring his wives together contrary to most polygamous marriages where wives do not see each other eye to an eye.

Some online users, mainly men, labeled Muigai a ‘love doctor’, asking him to share with them the secret of keeping two wives happy and united.

Ladies gave different reactions with some revealing they were in polygamous marriages and happy while others swore they would never share their husbands with another woman.

In June, Muigai was summoned to appear before the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) over his hard-hitting song ‘Ino Migunda’ (these parcels of land).

In the song, Muigai Muigai warned Kenyan ‘dynasties’ who inherited and ‘grabbed’ huge chunks of land but continue to oppress the poor, saying these parcels will one day be subdivided equally when the oppressed rise against the oppressors.

“This land will be subdivided equally since it cannot be sliced into pieces for human consumption like food. There will come a time when the common man will not tolerate your oppression anymore,” he sings.

“I’m here to say what you don’t like to hear, your lineage of oppressors and power inheritors, you who don’t know the meaning of hunger but we are now aware of your tricks and moves.”

NCIC claimed the song had “threatening and insulting’ words likely to affect the harmonious coexistence between Kenyan communities.”

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