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Members of the NXIVM sex cult defend former leader, who awaits condemnation
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Five NXIVM members said today to CBS News that the former leader, Keith Raniere, was found guilty unjustly and that it is wrong to associate them with a “sex cult”.

Raniere, who awaits his conviction for sexual cult, went to court for sex trafficking, extortion, organized crime, threats and child abuse, among other crimes. He could face life in prison, according to New York prosecutors.

The authorities believe that the secret society was composed of women who were brainwashed, were marked with the initials of the guru and could not leave the group, besides being forced to have sex with him.

To the network, members of the organization – three men and two women – declared that no one suffered physical violence as reported in the international press and that there are many lies about the group.

One of Raniere’s defenders at CBS was Nicki Clyne, wife of actress Allison Mack, famous as Chloe in “Smallville“, who pleaded guilty to extortion and conspiracy.

Clyne said he did not deny that “certain things happened”, but how and under what conditions are the main issues. She also answered if she had sex with the group guru.

“When people say, ‘Well, why would you believe someone if he was convicted?’ It is because this system may no longer be working “, added Eduardo Asunsolo, who is also Raniere’s former commercial partner.


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