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New Bill Seeks to Bar Two-Term Governors from Vying for MP, Senatorial Seats
Listing #945 by Mary Mundia on 28/09/2020    Viewed 77 times . Replied to 0 times . Printed 0 times

A new bill seeking to bar two-term governors from running for elective seats at the county and constituency level has been tabled in the Senate.

The bill sponsored by Trans Nzoia Senator Dr. Michael Mbito was read in the Senate for the first time last week.

“The President retires after serving his two terms, why are Governors allowed to vie for other positions after serving for two terms? The constitution is silent on that and we must correct it” says Mbito.

If the bill becomes law, governors who have served two terms will not be allowed to contest for various seats at the county and constituency level including MP, Senator, MCA, and Woman Representative.

Senator Mbito claims that some second-term governors are now launching more development projects in constituencies they plan to vie in 2022, hence taking undue advantage.

“Who would compete with a Governor that has billions at his disposal and is only developing one constituency that he will vie?” he poses.

As a result, he wants two-term governors to only be allowed to run for higher seats like the presidency, a proposal that will likely meet opposition from governors eying lesser positions in 2022. Some second term governors have already openly stated they will be vying for MP’s and Senatorial seats.



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