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‘No Samburu Man Asked to Marry Me’: MP Naisula Lesuuda Defends Decision to Marry an ‘Outsider’
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Samburu West MP Naisula Lesuuda has defended her decision to marry an ‘outsider.’

Responding to her political competitors who have been questioning her decision to get married to a man from a neighboring county, Lesuuda said she should be judged based on her development track record and not the choice of marriage partner.

She accused her political rivals of resorting to personal attacks instead of selling their agenda to the people of Samburu West ahead of the 2022 election.

Lesuuda indicated that she got married to a man from Baringo County because no Samburu man asked for her hand in marriage.

“I have been on the campaign trail with Samburu men, even to late hours, but none ever asked for my hand in marriage. That is why I found someone else to marry. My parents approved and he paid the dowry,” she said at a wedding over the weekend.

She maintained that being married in another county will not bar her from seeking re-election in 2022 as her detractors claim.

“I completed my education to university level and also worked in this county as a nominated senator so the issue of saying that I will not vie for Samburu West during the next election does not scare me at all. I belong in this county,” Lesuuda asserted.

Lesuuda, a former journalist at Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC), tied the knot with her husband, Robert Kiplagat in August 2018.

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