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Of Kenyan Policemen And Their Murderous Ways……
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Hi guys!!

A friend of mine (name with held) aka ‘richie boy’ is no more. This is what happened:

On wednesday last week (13th Aug) at around 2.30 am, my friend was dropped home in umoja by another friend after a drink in komarock estate. Upon reaching the gates of the court where he stays policemen pounced on him, frisked him, took his money, and then unleashed slaps on him ordering him to ‘kwend kwako haraka!!’

This guy, knowing his rights, protested and demanded that his cash to be given back to him immediately. The cops turned on him, now with the butts of their guns and did what they know best, on his head, joints etc,etc. They frisked him once again, and when they found him with a job ID and an airport pass, they immediately knew they had f—ed up and this guy would be on their case like nonesense. They then bundled him in their landcruiser and headed towards kangundo road.

All this time, a watchie was silently watching.

When he failed to turn up that wednesday and thursday, the family members decided to report to the police (Buru Buru). The only advice they were given was, try checking with the hospitals, or worse the city morgue.

They went to the Metropolitan hosp., Marter, and finally Kenyatta, all in vain. They then went to the City morgue, where they found his body severely damaged with not less than 8 bullet holes fired at close range. It was checked in as an ‘unknown person’ murdered by armed gangsters along kangundo road, brought by a police vehicle which after follow up was found to be from the buru cop stn.

Now, my question is, where do family members begin in their quest for justice if the same guys they are supposed to report to are the ones……………..

Just for your info, ‘richie boy’ was a supervisor with ‘swissport’ at the JKIA passenger terminal, he leaves behind a wife and three lovely kids.

R.I.P. bro ‘the truth shall set you free’

By amiro on 20-Aug-2008


›› cjames  20-Aug-2008, reply_83972
The police.How many of them will go behond the gates of heaven?

›› Bemupamlume
  20-Aug-2008, reply_83982
@amiro weweeeeeee kama hii story ni ya ukweli tuungane mimi na wewe tuwatie adabu hawa jamaa, uko wapi wewe? am serious.

›› amiro
  20-Aug-2008, reply_83984
i cant create such a story. if there is a way you can help, please check in youe messages am giving you the wife’s no right away.

›› fatmah
  20-Aug-2008, reply_84009
thats really bad guys. you can imagine how many cases just fade away unnoticed

›› wanito
  20-Aug-2008, reply_84027
as K-list, want can we do to help

›› Ashum4
  20-Aug-2008, reply_84039
This is very unfortunat,e issue is with Kenya Police knowing your rights is non-existent. They sometimes double as thugs. Sucks!

›› Sahau
  20-Aug-2008, reply_84042
Amiro , I have been very busy but this has caught my eye. Am shocked @bemu thinks this happens in hollywood only. What you have said happens all the time. You just have to kosana with a cop about a woman and next day you are dead!

›› wanito
  20-Aug-2008, reply_84050
i think the family should air this on national TV

›› amiro
  20-Aug-2008, reply_84056
@fatmah, maybe thats what they mean by’utumishi kwa wote’
@wanito, i really dont know how to start on this one. these thugs might decide to maim me!!
@Ashum4, its true. these are the thugs, remember the dreaded ‘flying squad?? you would not raid a bank without informing them ‘to provide cover’. you snooker them and they kill you even before you embark on your mission. remember the 8 guys murdered at city cabanas while on their way to raid a bank in athi river?? who has ever proven that they were thugs???
@sahau you are right. wait till a cop discovers that you are sharing a babe….. petty guys!!

›› amiro
  20-Aug-2008, reply_84059
@wanito, by the way afriend of mine informs me that they had informed the press about a public demonstration, all the way from umoja to buru buru police station. am yet to know whether it took place

›› Bemupamlume
  20-Aug-2008, reply_84064
@Sahau am very sad and I will follow the issue

›› fatmah
  20-Aug-2008, reply_84069
@bemupa, have you called her??

›› amiro
  20-Aug-2008, reply_84075
for real, @bemupamlume, if there is anything you can do, please go ahead. the family really need any kind of assistance one can provide to bring the idiots to book. you have the wife’s number brotha….

›› wawa67….
  20-Aug-2008, reply_84091
Thats so sad.

›› pendo
  20-Aug-2008, reply_84092
So sad…So sad….Am shedding tears!!

›› amiro
  20-Aug-2008, reply_84109
@wawa67 and @pendo
imagine these things happen, but the police force is just as screwed up……….. they always walk scot free. i once saw an innocent person shot dead in industrial area carrying a bag. it later turned out that he was just carrying empty toner cartridges (you know the ones that are recycled)!!

›› pendo
  20-Aug-2008, reply_84114
Am so sorry for the wife,we can live only once but once is enough if we live wisely thou…
Rest in peace Amiro’s buddy!

›› amiro
  20-Aug-2008, reply_84120
@pendo, this is total madness. imagine kesho we are going to the morgue with a couple other guys. painful…….

›› Voyier
  20-Aug-2008, reply_84131
If the storos true, they should have a postmoterm done,report filed with kenya human rights, assuming bullets are still in the body, they be kept for ballistics, they use the influence of a seniour police to investigate cops who are yet to account for their bullets.this is assuming they used a firearm(s) from jobo otherwise if they used others, it may be a hard case to crack

›› jvc(jaluo very compl
  20-Aug-2008, reply_84133
very sad in deed..who will ever clean the mess that is in the police force,i really wonder what they are being trained in KIGANJO.As the crazy saying goes…”AFADHALI UKUTANE NA MAJAMBAZI NJIANI BADALA YA POLISI”..

›› amiro
  20-Aug-2008, reply_84136
@philip, i doubt whether any bullets would be found in his body, considering that he was shot at quite a short distance. most likely zilipita through, but i shall confirm kesho.
@jvc, i doubt whether these guys would ever change. i think they just inherited the colonials ways of training..

›› annan
  20-Aug-2008, reply_84146
oh, oh oh. too bad. kenyan cops need to be castrated!!!!!!

›› ochuodho Jr.
  20-Aug-2008, reply_84182
#Bemup i just hope you know what you are doing,we are being governed by the most corrupted power thrust institution than ever before,where i live if a police discharge a single bullet,he is suspended off work , pages and pages of report must be filed why the shooting was necessary…but in our situation in kenya this seem to be order of the day,the watchman will be terrified to identity those thugs in police uniform or worse still the family of the victim might encounter the same brutality….its very sad if this story is true,but please be careful what you do

blame the system

›› amiro
  20-Aug-2008, reply_84186
vipi OJ, infact, was it not for the watchie no one would have known what happened to richie boy. he broke the news of the incident to one of the nephews, and upon learning of the death the guy has never turned up for work. i think he well knows what lies ahead…. we shall be viewing the body this morning.

›› eddlove
  20-Aug-2008, reply_84195
amiro am so sorry. this is the sad reality of what the police force is. they are the criminals themslves. how are to depend on them for protection. I hope the president and the prime minister will do something.

›› Mixo
  21-Aug-2008, reply_84336
amiro what u need to do is lodge a formal complaint with police headquarters(complaints).the days when cops could get away with this are long gone.trust me.

›› mujanja
  21-Aug-2008, reply_84346
Welcome to Kenya

›› jvc(jaluo very compl
  21-Aug-2008, reply_84388
Am hearing of those in the government being forced to sign “PERFORMANCE CONTRACTS” and so will major Hussein Ali and his thugs do the same.????????? I need an answer from the PM i wsh i had a way of reaching him.

›› wanito
  21-Aug-2008, reply_84426
i believe tht not all are bad.anyway wants happening in Naivasha? do u think its devil worshipping there?

›› Bemupamlume
  21-Aug-2008, reply_84437
the lady says liike she fears for her life guys but investigationws are on, am yet to get these umoja guys as the lady told me so that we can communicate……the rest is security secret

›› Ashum4
  21-Aug-2008, reply_84445
@Mixo how do you lodge a formal complanit to the same criminals. The bureaucracy and red tape involved is soooo…….. frustrating. These charracters will take you in circles and muscle you out of the situation. At the same time they will use brute force to even attack any other activities you run with be it work related or business untill they distract you. Next you have the long running legal processes just ask yourself how many pending cases do we have in the courts? Now factor in the lawyers who through this put food on their tables. I think the solution lies in having a good judiciary or judicial system of courts to administer justice.

›› jitegemee
  21-Aug-2008, reply_84496
I have had a Kenyan cop intimidate me how tough he is and brandish a gun on a “normal stop”.He wanted to snatch my cell phone which I carefully resisted. I figured to give him a hundred than lose everything probably even my life as in this case.I tried in vain to memorise his badge number.

A criiminal cop is worse than a thug.He takes advantage, goes all the way then try clean up mess like in this case..

Q=How do we stop and bring these bad cops to justice without losing our lives ?

@Bemu do whatever you can buddy update us will you ?
@amiro since you are closer to hard evidence tell it out other forums folks should know media eg

›› Bemupamlume
  31-Aug-2008, reply_86345
@amiro I gave this lady my contacts but up to now she has kept mumb…….I also told her who I work with……whats happening?

›› amiro
  01-Sep-2008, reply_86412
@bemu, i think she is held up with stories za burial and stuff. give her like a week and then fuatilia. leta number yako we vibe…..

›› anonimasio
  12-Sep-2008, reply_89102
Amiro, Bemu, howzit goin wit this lady n her family?

›› amiro
  15-Sep-2008, reply_89350
@anonimasio, the lady’s still in shags (the family had to relocate). but she should be coming back to nairobi to finalise on administration issues and stuff.

›› anonimasio
  15-Sep-2008, reply_89354
That was sad. But anyway, there is a God, and Karma is a b—– man. Wat goes round comes right back around. This shouldn b anythin like a consolation but I think we can all be sure that all those cops that took part in this atrocity will jus be bitten in their asses by Karma they wont beleive.
God will take care of her.

›› amiro
  15-Sep-2008, reply_89361
@anonimasio, interestingly the lady is afraid of going public. you can rest assured that even if she does so, the case wont go any further. even the scotland yard is well aware that there is no country good in cover ups like ‘our beloved kenya’

how many open cases are still in the woods?? julie ward’s, robert ouko’s, etc, etc…

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