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“Otile Brown Owes me Sh13.5 Million” Ghetto Vixen Protests
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A slum based video vixen has alleged that RnB superstar Otile Brown owes him a whooping 13.5 million.

Courtesy image of Vixen Shadomado. He says Otile owes him a fortune

Timothy Kamire alias shadomado has called out Otile Brown for failing to pay him.

According to Kamire, he appeared on Otile Brown’s ‘Watoto na Pombe’ video which was released on June 30th.

Shadomado wonders why Otile Brown hasn’t paid him a penny yet the song was a hit that has garnered over  2.7 million views on Youtube.

Kamire told Kenyan Bulletin‘s sources that Otile Brown personally reached out to him and asked him to be in the video but he is yet to receive any payments.

He reached out to me and said he likes my artwork and locs and would like me to be in his video. If you watch that video, I’m the second one in that video holding a guitar that I personally handmade. It is sad that he has not paid me and if you check the video it has gotten 2.7 million views. He should have even paid me five shillings for each view now I would be doing something. Right now everywhere I go everyone is just referring to me as ‘watoto na Pombe’ but Otile did not pay me. I honestly feel like he used me in the video.” Kamire said.

According to Kamire, the only thing Otile Brown did to him was blocking him everywhere after he tried reaching him via all available platforms.

This writer’s efforts to reach Otile Brown for comment were futile as calls and a text to him went unanswered.

Many youths have turned to content creation during this tough times filled with overwhelming uncertainties.

Local artists have been paying influencers and vixens with exposure and cheap liquor.

Kenyan Bulletin

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