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Outrage as Elderly Kenyan Man Dies on Wheelbarrow En Route to Hospital Due to Bad Road
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An elderly man from Gathanji ward, Nyandarua County died while being ferried to the hospital on a wheelbarrow due to the poor state of the roads in the area.

Photos shared on social media show the ailing man, whose identity was not revealed, seated on a wheelbarrow as two young men struggle to push on a muddy road.

One man is pushing the trolley while the other is pulling it from the front using a rope.

Reports indicate the sick man did not make it to the health facility as he passed away after four hours of struggle and pain on the slippery and muddy road.

“An aged man dies in Gathanji ward, Nyandarua county after means to take him to hospital failed. He died after four hours of struggle in a poor road,” a post by Nyandarua Live TV read.

The incident sparked outrage among Kenyans on social media who blamed area leaders led by Governor Francis Kimemia, MP, and Gathanji MCA for the man’s death.

Joel Mwangi said: "So sad. My condolences to the family but also we need a lot of changes in team’ Nyandarua starting with that MCA, MP, woman rep, senator and Governor Kimemia."

Rechol Njeri wrote: “So sad RIP. Nyandaruans need to think and evaluate leaders before voting them in."

John Karugia stated: "The problem is not the leaders but we people of Nyandarua. We do not evaluate a leader’s past but performance but we return them by to parliament. They do not take us seriously."

Mary Ndiritu said: “So sad and shameful to our greedy leaders.”

Githuku Zachariah posted: “Very sad indeed, Nyandarua should serve as a good example on how voting big names is a scam… I do remember how ur governor was citing his experience on leadership and governance just because he worked as secretary to the cabinet.”

Michael Muchira said: “I think it’s time we elect readers not politicians. Total change. I mean it starts from the top.”

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