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Progress Report – KenyanList.com
Listing #323 by Admin on July 15, 2020    . Viewed 51 times . Replied to 2 times . Printed 0 times

Hello Listers,

Thank you for your feedback on how to improve various aspects of the KenyanList forum.

Our current scope of work is as follows:

1. We are currently working on a responsive web design so that Users can easily view the website from their mobile devices. We will be done with this probably in the next one or two weeks.

2. After the responsive design, we will embark on incorporating a Text Editor which will come in handy while posting Listings, Quotes and WhatsUps.

3. We will then finalize work on the missing webpages e.g News and Headlines before taking care of the minor errors and bugs previously pointed out by Users.

We appreciate your support. Welcome to the original KenyanList.




Email: info@kenyanlist.com

» Afro   2020-07-16 08:16:37

Kutakua na option ya Ku reply to a specific comment by clicking reply?

» Dagitari   2020-07-16 10:19:03

I second enquire. Following..

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