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Puzzle of lovebirds found dead in Machakos a day after travelling from Nairobi
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Two lovers were on Sunday afternoon discovered dead at Kaumoni village in Machakos, a day after they travelled from Nairobi.

Preliminary investigations pointed at suicide as the two were found with ropes around their necks hanging from the roof.

The girl’s body was in a kneeling position while the man’s body was almost standing, held upright by a rope.

The two have been identified as Dennis Pius aged 28 years and Susan Ndeto, aged 19 years and are said to have to the man’s home on Friday evening.

According to the girls mother, she called her daughter’s phone on Sunday at around 10am.

When she was unable to reach her, she travelled to Machakos where she found the two inside the one-roomed house, dead.

Witnesses say they had seen the couple in the morning and none of them appeared to be in distress.

Area Assistant Chief Ruth Mwende who confirmed the incident said investigations into the matter have already begun.

The bodies of the two were taken to the Kangundo Hospital Mortuary awaiting a Post-Mortem.


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