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Question: Is It Utoto 4 Adults To Play Consoles?
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I do and i am dash dash years old (old enough). I have an Xbox & play it in my free time. Je kuna ubaya? sincere answers only
By Benfika on 25-Nov-2010

›› Wheelz  25-Nov-2010, reply_448526
I find FIFA 10 a bit disappointing. They got better with graphics, but scoring seems to have gotten harder…

›› brazameni
  25-Nov-2010, reply_448527

›› Benfika
  25-Nov-2010, reply_448529
@Wheelz, where did u buy Fifa10. Ninatafuta and for how much if u are in Nai

›› Eazy
  25-Nov-2010, reply_448531
Fifa 10 is timam wee wacha mzaha Wheelz!
Benfrika, FIFA.COM is giving away free codes for FIFA 11 online.

Maybe you could get a team and come up against me!

›› Benfika
  25-Nov-2010, reply_448532
@Eazy, am in kenya. Mambo ya online is impossible. I want the disc

›› Eazy
  25-Nov-2010, reply_448533
Maybe if there are eleven others in klist we can register a team and play the online fifa world cup

›› Eazy
  25-Nov-2010, reply_448536
Ahh, ok. 🙁

›› madovah
  25-Nov-2010, reply_448537
PES 2010 mambo yote

›› lawi
  25-Nov-2010, reply_448538
i play fifa 11 and also fifa 10 kwa pc

›› mr tox
  25-Nov-2010, reply_448540
i play lord of war like nonsense…kuna ata mahali kratos anamanga nymphos…KARE sana

›› Eazy
  25-Nov-2010, reply_448542
If you are buying a new disc you may want to buy fifa11 basi.
Oh by the way Benfika, it`s quite ok for a man to be playing console.

Whenever we can, me and the boys like to take on each other on Fifa and Tekken.
Kwanza in New Years, during the bash, we brought out the console, and there were women cheering their preffered man… it was just the best New Years in a while!

›› Wheelz
  25-Nov-2010, reply_448544
@Benfika: Diamond Plaza. all those small electronics shops. shd be 600 bob. is ur console chipped?

›› Eazy
  25-Nov-2010, reply_448545
haha mr. tox. never tried lord of war, I hear it is badly addictive…
some crazy woman killed her baby cause the baby was crying for attention and the woman wanted to play lord of war!

›› Benfika
  25-Nov-2010, reply_448546
@Wheelz, yes. Diamond plaza in Highridge sindio.

›› Benfika
  25-Nov-2010, reply_448549
@thanky you @Eazy for the confirmation. Now i can play with no fear

›› Eazy
  25-Nov-2010, reply_448550
lawi… I hope your team is not too good, I do not have much time to play, so my players have not levelled up a lot, but I would still like to take you on!!!!
Holla at me on thesilencewithin@yahoo.com then we can add each other for a game or two…
If you are free on Tuesday or Wednesday next week then we can work out something!

›› Eazy
  25-Nov-2010, reply_448552
I have Man Utd for League,
And for FIFA10 I use Germany for the Internationals.

›› Benfika
  25-Nov-2010, reply_448553
coincidence, i also use Man utd in career mode bt mine is Fifa08..please do not laugh

›› Wheelz
  25-Nov-2010, reply_448554
FIFA 11 is cool too. ! but u could see a bigger difference in FIFA 10 coming from FIFA 9.

Lord of War is terrible. you cant stop till you finish. I preferred Assassin’s Creed…

›› Shiku K
  25-Nov-2010, reply_448555

›› mdunga reality
  25-Nov-2010, reply_448561
tox clap clap (although it’s God of war not lord)! Hiyo game iko yuu, can’t wait to play GOD OF WAR 3.

Any of you guys play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare?

›› Eazy
  25-Nov-2010, reply_448562
Wazee… I might be back later… I hope you guys won`t be gone!

›› David
  25-Nov-2010, reply_448579
lord of war ni ya brick game….

›› kigaz
  25-Nov-2010, reply_448592
Watoto wa Klist ndio hawa humu humu!!! Fuuck all video games

›› Eazy
  25-Nov-2010, reply_448593
lol Kigaz…
You have no idea what you are missing.
What’s a man without his gadgets!

›› kigaz
  25-Nov-2010, reply_448618
@Eazy, believe me. I host my kid bro who is 20. I bought him PS. I tried to interest myself on this but It’s not my thing.Yes, I finished MaxPayne n It was good, but still a NO for me… Videos Games, nope.

›› jicho pevu
  25-Nov-2010, reply_448626
am a video game addict…kama si fifa10 kwa xbox its nba kwa psp…my team kwa fifa is inter

›› madovah
  25-Nov-2010, reply_448632
Fifa or PES…….MARIO still the best

›› trebla
  25-Nov-2010, reply_448643
what am i the only racing junkie in here. n ya its cul to play console. kwanza its gud 4 bonding if u have a fun girlfriend. just go head to head.

›› Mkenya1
  25-Nov-2010, reply_448647
GOD OF WAR ndo mambo yote!!if u got no brains and pace u wont advance….

›› Karljung010
  25-Nov-2010, reply_448649
Fifa 11 ni fyam,i av a ps2,psp,n ps3. Bt i prefare ps2 cz i gt tha cd at 1sok. Fifa 11 graphics on ps3 ziko tu ju sana.

›› Eazy
  25-Nov-2010, reply_448650
kigaz basi kila nyani…
trebla I know!!!!!! nothing beats a girl that can hold her own with controllers in her hands!!

›› spliff*
  25-Nov-2010, reply_448667
am a god of war fanatic. I’ve played and finished all 3. Sasa GOW 3 ndio maneno yote! Washana nayo. I don’t like football so i don’t play those games. Gimme shoot em up, racing, adventure games anytime. If you want games for like kshs 300, ziko mob sana tao. Mnataka number ya place moja?
Bro anaplay ps3 right now, game flani ya 50 cent. Hio sasa ndio project ya weekend. Yeap

›› Voskiness
  26-Nov-2010, reply_448784
Buy Tao 350 only…can get yall the hukup XBOX360
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