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Revealed: What Incognitos Say About Real Life Of A Klister!
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Ever heard about a father who wants his son to become doctor, because he himself wanted to be one but failed? The power of internet anonymity enables individuals to create an imaginary “village” like the ones in Kusadikika (by Shaban Bin Robert). The choice of handles by Klisters gives a glimpse of what they actually fancy being in terms of socio-econo-cultural and physical appearance. Below, TD looks at a few selected handles/incognitos of Klisters and gives a hypothesis of what they possibly are in real life:

1.Dr. Jakenya PhD.OGW- A very humble and ambitious Kenyan whose highest academic qualification is a diploma!
2.Cucu- Grew up seeing her cucu and kuka adored and revered. craves for reverence accorded to cucus and kukas for their wisdom.
3.Couch Potato-Very busy doing employed job and running his own business. Rest is very rare to him and fancies resting on the couch.
4.Half Jadhe Half Kyuk- A typical Luo brother, but keen to avoid Kikuyu-Luo hegemony by potraying himself as half.
5.Supu- A very intelligent and unassuming lady, but of modest appearance.
6.Kiuk Protagonist- Grew up in Nairobi and shunned anything traditional. But after traveling he now appreciates his culture more, now eating traditional food and going for Muguthi nights!
7.Seeker- Not very sure of what she is seeking and very difficult to tell whether she has found it or not.
8.Wheelz- Works in motor industry but does not own a car himself
9.Admiral Joseph- A security guard who failed to join the forces
10.Sperminator- A guy who the ladies have “refused” ( direct translation)
11.Luminata- very religious person but curious whether the “grass is greener on the other side”
12.Eazy-Would have preferred easy life but appreciates things aint easy.
13.Shiku/Beatrice/ Mwajuma/OJ etc- Actual people names denotes simplicity, true to oneself but also no-nonsense characters.
14.Muchata- Serious and hardworking person in real life. But he also enjoys humour and satire. Fan of Kihenjo, Machangi and Nyengese.
15.Wanjohi wa Kigogoine- Well educated but unemployed Kenyan, lusts at the riches of the uneducated.

1.If you have changed your handle (incognito) more than five (5) times, you suffer from identity crisis.
2.If you are operating more than two handles at the same time successfully, you are a genius.
3.If you have ever been banned by the admin who even doesn’t know you, you may be having a problem with the people you stay with.

Disclaimer: Nothing personal, it is just business.

By The Director on 26-Nov-2010

» Hunter Xp   2020-07-09 23:20:20

Nice! Can this be automated?

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