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Saleh Wanjala: Kenya’s ‘James Bond’ Dies After Short Illness
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Saleh Wanjala, the man who was labeled Kenya’s ‘James Bond’ after he dangerously hang on a helicopter in Bungoma in 2016 has died after a short illness.

Wanjala, 45, passed away while undergoing treatment at Bungoma County Referral Hospital on Monday, according to his family.

A family member who confirmed his death said he passed on shortly after he was admitted to the medical facility.

Wanjala gained popularity after he hanged on a chopper that was ferrying the body of slain businessman, Jacob Juma four years ago.

He hung on the aircraft for at least two kilometers with Kenyans online likening him to the famous British film actor, James Bond.

The helicopter had left Posta Grounds to the Bungoma Airstrip, where Wanjala jumped off as the aircraft descended. He suffered serious injuries in his hip, legs, hands and face.

Following the dangerous stunt, Wanjala was arrested and charged with endangering his life but was later set free. Video games were later created and named the Bungoma Hangman.



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