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Simple Boy Acquires New Smile After Dental Procedure
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Apart from digestion, the other key role of the teeth are for cosmetic purposes and we can now report that Stephen Otieno famously known as Stivo Simple Boy has acquired a fresh broader smile courtesy of Lake Basin Orthodontic Centre.

It took 8 months for the 'mihadarati' hitmaker to have his teeth tightly brought together as a dentist from the Thika Road Mall based facility revealed.



Dr. Ken Carson had last year made a promise that he was going to fix Simple boy's teeth that were loosely spaced, in what appeared to be a lucrative deal for the musician to be the facility's ambassador.

"This year I promised to bless someone with a bright smile. Then Stivo Simple Boy came to my mind. The journey of tranformation of his smile with braces started today at the lake basin orthodontic centre Thika Road Mall, Nairobi branch," posted Dr Carson on Facebook in November 2019.



And today the famous medic who earlier this year wowed netizens by building his mother a fancy bungalow revealed Stivo's new look.

"I promised this young man Stivo Simple Boy a transformed smile. I think I have tried. Thanks everyone who was involved in this transformation," he posted on Facebook.



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