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Site improvements
Listing #192 by Hunter Xp on 04/07/2020    Viewed 62 times . Replied to 7 times . Printed 0 times

Couple of Suggestions:
1. Would be nice to have the site responsive so as to have it mobile friendly.
2. Default font size is too small – one or two number up may help
3. Its useful to keep the former look and feel but dont be constrained by that, User experience is king at the end of the day.

» Hunter Xp   2020-07-04 15:12:03

- Submitting new listing and the site redirects to new listing - Should redirect to listing view?

» Hunter Xp   2020-07-04 15:13:13

Hide login and sign up menu links when i'm currently logged in?

» Admin   2020-07-04 20:21:30

Hello @Hunter. Thanks for the input.

We are currently working on responsiveness among other things.

Well appreciated. Keep checking us out.

» Hunter Xp   2020-07-06 00:49:02

Might want to check your mailing configuration - currently emails are flagged by anti-spam and taken to spam.

-Also account verification needs to include a link for verification - there are a couple of wordpress plugins doing that without much hustle i believe.

» Afro   2020-07-14 15:39:20

Is the 'reply' option gonna be available in future?

Comment deactivated
» Admin   2020-07-14 22:47:58

Hello @Afro, this is a beta to test the diverse functions.

The site is still undergoing maintenance and continuous improvement. It will be better.

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