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Tallest & Smallest
Listing #448 by KenyanList Archives on 02/08/2020    Viewed 66 times . Replied to 1 times . Printed 0 times

i know i know,I am flooding k-list..well this is my last listing..good day

By Benfika on 24-Nov-2010

›› mchizi TOSH  24-Nov-2010,
did i not say i liked thz 1?

›› Kukurukakara
  24-Nov-2010, reply_447235
ngai…when people chongoana each other ati kichwa yako ni ndogo ukijikuna inakaa ni kama unashika ball gum i never thot tht s— was for real till i saw this.

›› the kiuk protagonist
  24-Nov-2010, reply_447277
Yaani the tall dude can fart and it lands on the short fella like a whirlwind!!

›› Mirtion
  24-Nov-2010, reply_447432

They should have shown us the pinus sizes too for comparison.

›› Morpheus
  25-Nov-2010, reply_447615
Uko nyuma Ben! That small dude passed away some time back!

›› kajuo
  25-Nov-2010, reply_447622
the small jamaa died

›› 2488
  25-Nov-2010, reply_448161
yani dis big guy ana weza pepeta tha small guy lyk a ball hehehehehe
» Afro   2020-08-04 14:17:44

Please Keep the archives coming..

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