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There was a Bizarre-drama in Benrose Estate Muranga, after a house help was caught having sex with her boyfriend
Listing #454 by Lady M on 03/08/2020    Viewed 195 times . Replied to 4 times . Printed 0 times

The Boyfriend had visited her from Makueni. The owner of the house caught them red-handed and the two lover-birds were beaten like Burukenge!

» Afro   2020-08-04 14:19:40

The couple should have waited Ile time madam AKO off,waende guest House or hotel

» Bomb   2020-08-04 18:39:48

Interesting. But from the look of things, the guy had no choice. He seems to have been provoked! Look at how the lady is dressed!!

» Kender9   2020-08-16 21:29:49

Ni boyfriend ya mboch ama the lady of the house?

» Kender9   2020-08-16 21:30:48

Ni boyfriend ya mboch ama ya the lady boss?

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