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Think before arguing with a woman
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We all know how it goes. He tells him he will unleash his dragon on her. She falls for it only for her to realize later that the so called dragon was actually a lame baby lizard. She keeps the issue to herself until the man rubs her the wrong way and BAM! She lays it on the floor. And women know how to strike where it hurts the most.

Welcome to the world where bigger is considered better.

And yesterday I was treated to a wonderful reality show in Kawangware where a man who thought he had the balls to slap his wife was given a lesson that concluded that those balls were just mere marbles after being given the beating of his life.

I was heading home in the evening and my friend and I took a detour into Kawangware to collect eggs for his household despite my very serious resistance. But after some serious coercion, I decided to go through with it amid my protests.

Somewhere along the way, we witnessed a scene that more than made up for the inconvenience. We found a couple quarelling about some issue of the man drinking too much and the woman doing too little in the house. I cannot say they were trading insults. If that was a trade, lets just say the insults must have been on special offer because the man was getting a dozen for every insult he shipped. He must have realized that his insults balance was running low and top-up was becoming a problem.

And so he decided to to try the next best thing, at least according to him. The guy slapped the woman. Big mistake. Hell was downloaded into the situation as the woman gave the drunk man a thorough beating and, as a punchline, revealed to the world that he should NOT consider himself a man based on the size of his dick! He said the dick was the size of the nail on her pinky. That indeed, the dick was so small that the woman could never cough during sex because it always slipped out!

That was an OUCH!

The man tried his best to of course to redeem his image by trying to say the woman was bad in bed and calling her a whore and blah blah blah but there was really nothing he could say that could stop the gathering crowd from laughing at him. Or us as we drove away still laughing while he staggered away from arguably the most embarrassing scene of his life.

Of course everyone always says its not how big your dick is that matters but what you can do with it. I am however of the opinion that showing up with a pen-knife in a battle of spears will get you slaughtered no matter how good you are at using your pen-knife. And women know how much saying you have a small one hurts a man as the poor guy learnt yesterday.

Lesson? Dont argue with a woman in public. You can NEVER win. …

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