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Three killed after falling into a well at a Thika Apartment
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Three people have been killed after falling into a well that they were about to service in Thika.

David Kitavi, the sub-county deputy police commander confirmed the Nyathira Apartment incident, saying it occurred on Monday afternoon.

“We got reports that three men had fallen into the well which they were doing maintenance work on Monday, the water from the well is used by the apartment’s tenants,” Kitavi said.

According to witnesses, one of the men had slipped and toppled into the well before they began the maintenance work.

His two colleagues who attempted to pull him out of the slippery well also fell in, sealing their fate.

Police officers and firefighters from the Kiambu Fire department alerted to the incident joined local residents in the Monday afternoon rescue mission.

As of 5pm, no body had been retrieved.

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