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Top Five Klist Gals: Classy, Sexy, And Smoking Hot
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The male mind operates in a funny way. Somebody once said that if there were no women, Man would still be in the stone age – there would be nobody to impress with good clothes, big cars, lots of money etc etc, so there would be no need for them!. You don’t need high-end cologne to snare a rabbit for dinner. But you sure need to brush your teeth before you kiss a chiq, so you invent toothpaste!

Where am I leading to? Everything we do is sexual. If this is the case, then all contributions we make here have sexual undertones. Through these (listings, replies), I have come up with what I think are the TOP FIVE SEXIEST women on Klist.

The notable thing about these women is that they are themselves. They don’t try to show you how intelligent, principled or knowledgeable they are, which is a big, big turn-off. They are just them.

Here they are, in descending order:

She is a bi*ch in public and a whore in bed (I should know). Every man’s dream, but a mother-in-law’s worst nightmare. She will do anything, I mean anything, for her man. She will suck, pull, insert, caress, bite…. Anything. Curses like a sailor when screwing (she doesn’t make love, she fcuks!). Doesn’t care what other people think, which is why she can kiss me in town without giving it a second thought, despite our 30-year age difference). Above all has a body to die for, but incredibly down to earth. My all time favourite. I could walk to Timbuktu and back for her.

An African man’s dream – fleshy, yellow-yellowish with boobs and booty to die for. Has a killer come-hither smile and eyes. Every mother-in-law’s dream. A tiger in bed. Incredibly intelligent, good cook and can make an outstanding mother. She is the only woman I have met who cries softly after making love, which I personally find very touching. She is part of what I call THE TROIKA – me, Mspoilt, and her could make a very good team – I would never stray. Because every man needs a “whore” and a “mother” in his women.

I have personally never met her, but she comes across as a lady, and not one of these Nairobi gals with a bad, artificial attitude. Never curses, swears or insults. Very sharp mind. A keeper. Her heart is in the right place. The kind of lady you mama wants you to take home. Very chic and sophisticated, she can make you cocktails to die for. Perhaps the only lady in Klist, I feel, who knows how to serve caviar.

She has grown on me. What woman calls herself a goldfish? That’s why she is intriguing, and needs to be explored. My feeling is that Wamum is in her late 20s or early 30s – at the peak of her sexuality. Very, very sexy. Although she often presents a tough exterior, Wamum is in person a fairly shy and private person – the very epitome of the African woman. What attracts me to her is that she can be loyal to the end, attributes that she probably got from a grandparent growing up in the County of Kiambu. Also, she is pretty – you can tell that from her confidence.

Or as I call her, Labio majora (she probably has big ones of those, too). A new kid on the block, who hopefully will visit my block in LA (Langata) soon for some hanky-panky. Very polished, courtesy of top schools and excellent childhood. Although slightly conservative (she doesn’t give head, something Mspoilt will do in the jam on Uhuru Highway!), she is sexy like hell, the kind of woman who asks softly “CouchP, sasa ni nini unafanya, aaaah!” when the going gets sweet. A snappy dresser, Labio has an outstanding dress sense, a lady of class. Intelligent and loving, she will make a very loving mother some day, but before then, we’ve hopefully got sme catching up to do.

So, there, my top five. They are just off the top of my head and by evening, I could change my mind about one or (unlikely) two.


By couchpotato on 15-Oct-2010


›› labelle
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409306
How could you forget Kelis and Liisa.
Most intelligent laid back listers….
Supu: ama coz she don’t like lollipops?
Shiku K: coz she dumped u
and many more

›› kedo
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409310
Oops how I wish you knew this…………..

›› Beatrice
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409317
Let me go draw something first.

›› kingangi
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409324
amiro;coz he is ur boytoy??cocklover;coz he doesnt answer ur calls nymore???

i think this mzee has surely lost it

›› afriQDef
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409325
…very interesting…and some of it is true too

›› kingangi
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409333
na ukiangalia hiyo maua inakaa mazishi mazishi hivi hivi.

›› the kiuk protagonist
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409335
couch you are 102% on wamum. I think that top 5 list is very ok, though you should have included seeker, I met her the other day and OOOHHH MYYY GOODDNNEESS!!! couch leo niko rafikiz, how about 30 for the road?

›› the kiuk protagonist
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409338
amiro lol!!!

›› Half Jadhe Half Kyuk
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409339
Here is My list1) Afriq
2) Wamum
3) Yvonne
4) Supu
5) Lambeo

›› labelle
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409341
kingangi 15-Oct-2010, reply_409329 › Report this user/reply
na hiyo maua inakaa mazishi mazishi hivi hivi.
Jeremi, is that you?? Is that your other handle???

›› labelle
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409345
KP: who are you addressing? You mean Kedo =amiro?? I didn’t know

›› Half Jadhe Half Kyuk
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409347
6) Zuqka
7) Lovemat

›› wamum-Goldy 
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409348
mmmh, and wea is jd, to clarify about wamum
couch, can i add samthng on ur list ,pliz….

›› the kiuk protagonist
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409353
Wamum i also think you are very sexy ata ukinichukia, just like couch said, you come across as….someone one would want to explore more!!

›› the kiuk protagonist
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409356
@labelle no i meant kingangi, ama kedo = kingangi = labelle?

  15-Oct-2010, reply_409360
@Couch..nice..not very far from my list except that u left Gacherry..she neighbours no.1

›› Alpha-Dog
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409362
here’s my take1.LABELLE

›› couchpotato
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409363
@Labelle: These are my choices, sweetie. Sio kila mtu anweza kuwa hapa.@Beatrice: yeah, go draw something, anything. I know you spotted the dig somewhere up there, he he he!

@Kingangi: Thina waku nikii, meni? Tiga uhii muingi, kumbaff, he he he!

@KP: Niko broke. Be my sponsor nianguke hapo Pap!

@ 1/2: You have good tatste. At least Wamum and Labio majora are in both your and my list!


›› wamum-Goldy 
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409364
oooh my goodness @ kiuk, is ur account hacked ? or u forgot to change ur handlecouch can i add another gal..pliz


›› labelle
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409366
I’m adding
afriQ…smart one
Seeker..gud sense of humor
Yves…couch may not know her, she is an evening lister mostly. Amepeleka @King mbio..just love her.

›› labelle
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409369
hehehehe@Alpha ati #109 ni cucu hehehehe aki woye pliz

›› Beatrice
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409375
I was being sarcastic Couchpotato.
In the most bile-filled way that I could.
Let me go draw something first

›› Alpha-Dog
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409377
@Labelle she is welcome to lodge in an official complaint…BTW why don’t you take over hosting Random Evening Chatter?

›› the kiuk protagonist
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409379
@alpha ati cucu ako what number? hehehe@couch bado sijawai pata email yako pwana, am telling u lazima leo kreti ianguke!!

@wamum yes my account has been hacked

›› the kiuk protagonist
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409381
@ couch aki unaonea beatrice sana!! ati go draw something?? Beatrice why dont u take on the old man and give him some good loving and silence him forever

›› couchpotato
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409383
@Wamum: You don’t have to ask whether to add, my dear. Just add!@Muchatha: mmmmmmh! Gacherry, now there’s a gal who could make me change my mind.

@Alpha: Labelle & Zuqka! Kumbe hata wewe “doggy” uko na taste poa, he he he!

@OK, somebody tell me, who prints these things? This is spooky, ati printed 8 times!

›› sperminator
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409386
weka a touch of mboch..Klitoris

›› labelle
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409393
Alpha: I can’t host the evening chatter coz I’ll not be available but I saw pple are onto it anyway which is good.
Couch: I’ll add to my list
Cherie: la belle fille (na usiseme ati nimesema jina langu pliz)
Amor: great one here.

›› wamum-Goldy 
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409396
i thought mspoilt was a dude actually i thought it was osoh or jeremy

›› couchpotato
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409409
@Beatrice: Whatever makes your life bearable, gal. You see how right I was? Yaani I don’t mention your name but you still come at me hammer-and-tongs? Like a vicious, vicious witch with haemorrhoids!Ok, any chance we can make peace if I rig you in?

›› labelle
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409410
ahahahaha@wamum hehehehe hiyo imenimaliza hehehehe ati Osoh or jeremy hehehehe

›› Beatrice
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409416
how sad……

›› wamum-Goldy 
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409417
labella, c’mon, to be honest i thot so, Amor, tena ni nani?couch, am starting to doubt somethng

›› Beatrice
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409419

›› kingangi
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409421
@wamumu,i think mspoilt=njuguna@couch,ngui ino!!!!

my list

1.shiku k
2.shiku k
3.shiku k

the rest are kingangis list dropout.

›› couchpotato
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409422
@Wamum: What? Fungua roho yako. Blouse nitajifungulia!

›› labelle
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409428
Couch P: my dear Acrossian-mate eh? ingawa yako naishuku sana coz I don’t think hiyo shule ilikuwepo during the 1800’s….
Wamum: You mean haujui amor? get serious ama she is another evening lister?
Kingangi: hehehehe ati shiku K mara tatu dayum

›› the kiuk protagonist
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409429
@Wamum: What? Fungua roho yako. Blouse nitajifungulia!wewe couch unafaa kuwa NSIS!! WTF!! That is just to swift

›› Half Jadhe Half Kyuk
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409433
Gacherry seems to be a nice shot…….only you guys keep insisting that she is a he….so really I dont know.

›› the kiuk protagonist
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409437
Half would u rather find that out the hard way or the easy way?

›› labelle
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409439
BTW I’ve always wanted to ask is gacherry =cherie?? I’m still the new kid on the block so I don’t know

›› Half Jadhe Half Kyuk
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409443

›› couchpotato
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409444
@Labelle: He he he! AHS, founded 1926! First Houses Livingstone, Aggrey, Wilberforce. Later Grieve, Francis, Sellwood, etc etc! Murram, etc. Was there when Mrs karanja was across. Convinced?@KP: Who told you am not there now? May be I am, he he he!

›› wamum-Goldy 
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409448
Half , cherry is a chic, and a great one..i like her maturity levelLabella, i pitia the village in the evening lakini i honestly dont jua Amor

couch, chill just nid to enquire


›› jaap
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409449
My big five,

›› Tonytone
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409451
dis is soooo lesbo….

›› yrraG Kasparov
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409452
:DANTE ROSSETI.:nothing is more discouraging than unappreciated sacarsm.


›› Tonytone
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409454
“She is a bi*ch in public and a whore in bed (I should know). Every man’s dream”…WRONG! men prefer a lady on the street but a FREAK/BIATCH in bed! get ur facts right honey!

›› couchpotato
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409464
@Tonytone: In the name of God and all that’s holy, never, ever call me “honey” again. Please. It’s too traumatic.

›› memyselfni
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409468
Labelle is intelligent
Cucu is a keeper and worldly
Beatrice has her heart in the right place…

›› labelle
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409469
@Tonytone: who are you talking about and who are you addressing?
Wamum: kwani si you just check jana’s evening chat coz she is the one who hosted it. anyways, maybe she’s the new kid on the block like me…..

›› Klitoris
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409483
Kwani ado malienda wapi?

›› couchpotato
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409484
@Klitoris: Sasa mami? Long time! Nimekumiss sa? saaana! Najua unatumia zile incognito servers, lakini nafikiri nakujua. Bado nakupenda mami, lakini uko na issues miiiiiiiiiiiiiiingi. Nice day, na kumbuka pia sisi tulisoma mambo ya computer, OK?

›› Half Jadhe Half Kyuk
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409489
Wamum makes it to everyone’s list yeah?

›› labelle
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409493
@Half, what are you saying, even the cocklover can’t get enuff of wamum hehehe

›› couchpotato
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409494
@Klitoris: Sasa mami? Long time! Nimekumiss sa? saaana! Najua unatumia zile incognito servers, lakini nafikiri nakujua. Bado nakupenda mami, lakini uko na issues miiiiiiiiiiiiiiingi. Nice day, na kumbuka pia sisi tulisoma mambo ya computer, OK?

›› kingangi
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409531
hi honey,hahahahahahahaha.i knew it was just a matter of tyme be4 ur gaofred found out what u been doing @couchviazi.hahahahahuuuuuuuuuuu

›› wamum-Goldy 
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409549
siunajua tu @ half…the woman who sneezes and they get a coldbut wat if wamum was a dude ?

›› Tonytone
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409554
haki pole sana..point taken kabisa! there’s no xcuse at all, my badd

›› kingangi
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409565
@wamum,u mean what if u had a dik?

›› wamum-Goldy 
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409570
yes, located at my elbow

›› kingangi
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409577
just near ur right ear??do u love f—ing ur ears?

›› Ms. Baibes
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409798
hi all! What’s with the uchachu btwn couch and beaty ama nikifunga macho tu? @much…xoxoxo!

›› wamum-Goldy 
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409804
Like a vicious, vicious witch with haemorrhoids…hahhahhaha

›› afriQDef
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409833

_hi cherie…yenyewe even i didnt quite understand the exchange btn B and C….just rapid fire bazookas that ended as fast as they started
_hi gold… male or female u’r great..is why these dudes cant keep their hands off ya

›› labelle
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409851
@afriQ: hata kuna mwingine amekuja with the name ‘wamum’ only…yaani now I’ll be referring wamum as goldfish until someone feels the second name like they have on the first one.
Cherie: J’espère que tu es parfaits.

›› Osoh
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409892

›› zuqka
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409893
@couch,I’m flattered but its a shame not a lot of men share the same sentiments as you..

›› supu
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409921
2/5 correct!!

›› couchpotato
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409936
@Supu: Thanks, gal. You are forever, if you know what I mean. Evergreen, ever good!@Zuqka: I can be your spare wheel. Heck, I can be any wheel you what me to be.

@afriQDef: Nakuona tu kwa mbaaaaali, baby gal. And I like what I see. Karibia lakini tukuone kwa karibu, he he he!

@Cherie: Beatrice and I are soon gonna be the best of pals. Watch this space.

›› couchpotato
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409937
@Supu: Thanks, gal. You are forever, if you know what I mean. Evergreen, ever good!@Zuqka: I can be your spare wheel. Heck, I can be any wheel you what me to be.

@afriQDef: Nakuona tu kwa mbaaaaali, baby gal. And I like what I see. Karibia lakini tukuone kwa karibu, he he he!

@Cherie: Beatrice and I are soon gonna be the best of pals. Watch this space.

›› zuqka
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409940
@couch,fimbo ya mbali haiuwi nyoka..or is ur “fimbo” veeery long??

›› Nimesteady
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409942
wow.. the gay vibe in these posts is just overwhelming

›› couchpotato
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409945
@Zuqka: Good things come to those who wait. I ain’t going anywhere, gal. And thankfuly, somebody remembered to invent the jet engine.

›› zuqka
  15-Oct-2010, reply_409952
i’m surprised @s.k is not on your list..i thought she was right up your street,@couchpot..

›› Heje
  18-Oct-2010, reply_411738
top 5?here is:
2. seeker
3. frisson
4. zinski
5. beatrice – special sence of humour, if u follow her drift

›› Eazy
  18-Oct-2010, reply_411776
i can’t make any lists because I have seen only 3 girls’ photos. Maybe 4 but I am doubting the authenticity of the fourth.

›› Mspoilt
  19-Oct-2010, reply_413697
Hi Big Poppa, sorry I’ve been away, just seen this and I like! Coming over to give you a proper appreciation! Please keep it hard for me…

›› Mspoilt
  19-Oct-2010, reply_413863
@Eazy, me too

›› rocko
  26-Nov-2010, reply_449512
wololo dats da wrong shit
» Mfalme na Majitu   2020-07-31 20:51:41


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